united states president 2008 stephen d macmillan hyannisport

president presidential united states candidates 2008 elect stephen d macmillan inventer of the internet microcom 80s and my life has been a zodiac trail since the invention to be president i was pushed to roosevelt ln in plymouth after living near george bush senior grew up and moved to sandwich got married and then one day a sword came across me with a jewel on top from a great leader and looked up my past to the 1700's where my relatives where king and queen of scotland and share the same names of my parents today don macmillan and audrey cambell maiden and the same was in the 1700's and the scot's where the leaders in technology the sword marked history as i cut myself with it bringing it to the sandwich police station and since been parylized to be president 2008 magic and using the same invention i created to be president the police even took a stolen computer that the stepson stole too and was kicked out of my house by a bogus restraining order by the wife and the courts wont let me see my son like the last four of my social 0707 its president or or i will die i need everyone's help on the net and make this the greatest online campaign in history for the evidence see www.presidentcandidate.zoomshare.com

the race for presidential winner stephen d macmillan presidential candidate

republican the best of america is yet to come

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