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The war in iraq,and gulf war led to my two divorces war creates economic loss and that why you want me in office because im hungry for money i watch all the other politicians wine and dine and im stuck walking fighting poverty i was rich twice with both wifes in wich i created but goverment rules self desructed a good thing and im going up there to the white house to make fact or inquiry about how hard goverment employees work,i think there god dam phucking lazy,i worked 60 to 70 hrs a week and was thrown out of my house by judge lisa roberts a week before my daugters rape trial aug 2004 found the judge on false another case idenical i submitted this to the white house and my house was given to the rapest in barnstable massachusetts its a act of war and dont under estimate me in this i know the president of brazil and could end america with the snap of my fingers

with all do respect this is not against president bush but the judge was a domocrat and every year a republican goes into office the democrats come after me and this is a real matter and tom reilly wouldn't help the attorney general democrat or the secretary of state investigator fisher ,i helped invent the internet at microcom and created the most jobs and economics in history its time to straighten this nation out and get it on course and get it out of poverty,and im sorry but i have the most websites and blogs in history of politics and have not taken a penny in contributions i dont believe in going in there smiling and wining and dining im in there there to straighten matters out,the richer the politician the less likely they will execute what your wants and needs are and most likely wine and dine while you suffer on your economic losses i have one goal to make everyone happy if i have to assert myself to the highest degree and like when i grew up i never lost a fight,news flash about tom reilly the attorney general capecod times in hyannis might have broken the case a east sandwich man was sent by tom reilly to anger management in the news on 1/9/07 you can see online,see when i was in the election the exwife from east sandwich mass abused my daughter and tom wouldnt help and is aloowing the abuse right know to distort my presidential run too and i was sent to the same place anger management in the massachusetts gubernatorial race 2006 for 20 weeks after a setup by judge lisa roberts found on from gubernatorial pat johnson site so when i was submitting paper work to him thinking he would go after these people at the same time he said i can take this republican out of office if i can set him up well i got news tom reilly i hope you have a good lawyer,my campaign in 2006 was ruined by that place and all my cash went there like many others is it your getting your contributions there cash,the lawyer who extorted my house works fot the exwife mrs white legal services at 460 west main st hyannis ma 02601 the da sends with help from tom to cape human services at 460 west main st hyannis and both agency's share the same office on the second floor so tom knows the rapest exwife child molester lawyer and acted on there behalf with the judge lisa roberts i hope you wear a football helmet you mother phucker im going to get you mother phucker you think im kidding ,they came done then too and where in barnstable the same time when i was sent there june 2005 in barnstable and he goofed because i have the paperwork where he states she was the child molester in my daughters case the boston herald laughed proberly when they saw he didnt do anthing about it after giving it too them,and he knew the rapest had me in there in the same time that week my licence was pulled and william galvin the secretary of state nephew see they want to hide him too because he killed someone and ruin the reputation on him hes a good guy the nephew and it was self defense,and my exgirl friend her son the same week i was sitting there saying what the hell going on in this state know i know who to go after

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