Gore's Time is Coming Soon

Go to Crooks and Liars Link to Gore on SNL
and watch Gore's performance on SNL. As I watched it, I realized that there was something different in Gore's aura from the last time we saw him on SNL. His last appearance as a host was mostly camp and was a good natured self parody but nothing that would compel someone to suggest him to run for President. This time, as the opening skit performer, he had this aura of the leader whose time has come. The reaction he got from the crowd seemed to confirm that.

Gore should definitely run for President in 2008. While  Feingold is my first choice among possible candidates, I am afraid he would be given the Dean treatment and it would be harder for him to overcome.  I do understand Gore's reluctance to run again and he would be well advised to continue to do his good deeds without announcing a run until early 2007. He has the right combination of establishment contacts and newfound credibility with the base. He doesn't seem beholden to the Liebermans of the party. And with the way Bush has gutted the EPA, we need a strong pro-environment candidate like Gore. Plus, unlike Hillary, Gore seems to have learned from his mistakes in the past.

For the record, I am the same guy who bashed Gore and his supporters for whining about the Nader voters. And I still have the same sentiment that no candidate should feel entitled to get a third party's vote even if you are on the same side of the ideological divide just to win an election. I did not vote for either major candidate in 2000 not because I thought Gore was as bad as Bush, but because I didn't think he was good enough to be President. While I was not hoping for a democratic loss, I was hoping that, in the event of a loss, the democrats will learn a lesson to go for votes, instead of hoping people will vote for you just because they can't stand the other guy. Unfortunately, the establishment did not learn its lesson. And for a while, I was pissed at Gore and his supporters because they kept whining about nader voters instead of worrying about the many potential Democrats who did not vote for Nader or Gore. Well, if people like me can change their minds about him, you gotta think he is for real.

We know Gore will be the best candidate for revamping the EPA.
We know Gore will be better at budget control.
We know Gore won't dismiss the other half of the country the way the Republicans dismiss NY and CA.
We know Gore will appoint better people to deal with foreign leaders.
We know Joe Lieberman will not be his VP candidate.

Gore just needs to steer clear from the likes of Bob Shrum. He can come to MYDD and we can come up with ads for a fraction of the cost he gets charged by the Shrums and we have better ideas.

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Illegal Immigration: Does it deserve blanket support?

I am a child of legal Indian immigrants and was born here. A lot of my relatives are first generation immigrants in this country. I know of quite a few who have had trouble getting immigration into the U.S. despite being self sufficient and a lot of reasons to return to India. I have even been asked to pretend to marry the prospective bride of one of my cousin's cousin(it's an indian thing to even track relatives this distant) so that she would get legal immigration into the U.S. I didnt go through it for several reasons - the ickiness of it despite the fact that I am no great romantic, and the lack of ethics involved in such a decision. If I said yes, and you support illegal immigration, would you also accept what did? If not, why not? Illegal immigrants go through a lot of humiliating things to get here. Is illegal immigration just a form of vigilante immigration for those who feel they were denied fair opportunity at making a decent living in life? While illegal immigrants should definitely be considered for staying on a permanent basis here, should we automatically give them all the benefits enjoyed by people who came to this country legally?

I want to address several issues regarding Illegal Immigration that have come up

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Homeland Security Sexual Predators vs McKinney Case

After seeing people like Nancy Pelosi feel the need to declare her strong disapproval in no uncertain terms over Cynthia McKinney, I wondered why she doesn't express with more outrage much bigger crimes by Bush and Cheney cronies.
Well, now there may be three people in the Homeland Security Department who may be sexual predators of young teens and Tom Delay is worried about McKinney? Even if one hates McKinney, the imbalance in attention is outrageous.

Courtesy of Crooks and Liars:
http://www.crooksandliars.com/2006/04/05 .html#a7800

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Jill Carroll and Right Wing Looneys

I wonder why Jim Brady or The New Republic writers don't seem to be perturbed by the conservatives who are taking a lot of cheap shots on Jill Carroll literally just minutes after her release. They are quick to lecture the liberals on the need to be more accepting of right wingers but rarely, if ever, do the same for the other side.

Most of you have already read about John the Pod's comments. That's nothing compared to this bi... hmm, how shall i put it... woman's comments
http://www.debbieschlussel.com/archives/ 2006/03/so_anti-america.html

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Daniel Pearl case illustrates the phony terrorism war

I get confused whenever I read one of these stories. Here are some stories which the Democrats can use to attack Bush's lack of sufficient impact abroad.  Instead, they let stories like these die while the Bushies manage to put the Dems on the defensive with less compelling stories.

Indian columnist on Bush and the lack of real action against Daniel Pearl's  killer

The article is addressed to Bush.

General Pervez Musharraf -- your buddy, as you are fond of calling him -- has seen to it that Omar Sheikh does not go to the gallows despite an anti-terrorism court having sentenced him to death three years ago.

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Devolution in Upper St. Clair, PA

Read this and weep.

Upper St. Clair school board kills International Baccalaureate program

Now that the Dover case has dampened the spirits of Christian kooks in a northern state like PA(my home state), a more educated richer community in Western PA has gotten into the devolution sweepstakes. Only this time, it's about the International Baccalaureate program which supposedly is anti Christian.

After a tumultuous week of community debate and heavy news media coverage, the Upper St. Clair school board voted last night to eliminate the district's International Baccalaureate program before an angry and vocal crowd of about 1,000 people.

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In Memory of Coretta Scott

I didn't see any diaries. So let me start one to honor her life. I don't care about any controversies with the next generation of the King family and the rights to his speeches. She has earned the respect with the hell she had to endure with dignity that she didn't even have to display over the years. The state governments, and the F.B.I. owe her family (and many black families for that matter) a lot.

You got right wing nuts crying in despair over every perceived slight while Coretta Scott's demeanor in those days was taken for granted and given polite accolades by some on the right.  This was a demeanor they are incapable of adapting when they come across any lesser injustice - real or perceived.

Coretta could have led a mass riot against White America after her husband's killing by just giving one incendiary speech. But she didn't. I don't know if I could be that calm.

Here's to Coretta.

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TV Pundits that don't cater to the right

I caught a snippet of Dan Abrams of MSNBC with guest Ann C&#lter(don't want to offend your delicate sensibilities) talking about the Libby case. I used to find C@^lter an entertaining gimmick the same way I used to stay on the Springer channel for a few minutes to catch the mayhem when it was still a novelty. I am past that and was about to change channels. However something about Abrams demeanor caught my eye. He was actually being dismissive of Ann C#*lter's babble and pretty much looked at the camera and gave a sort of message that implied his guest was trying to twist things her way but it wouldn't distract from what they were talking about. At this point, C@*lter did what she always does when cornered on TV with facts. She did a "whatever" type expression with her head jerking at weird angles the child of Dennis Miller and a tourette's syndrome victim would envy.

Now why can't more talking heads call morons like C@*lter on their bullshit?

Here are some that make me have some glimmer of hope for TV.

1) Jack Cafferty (CNN): This guy is the perfect guy to report on the Bush-Cheney people. He doesn't come across as a prissy late 80s liberal. He has a very no nonsense demeanor that the right wingers seem to be good at faking. I love the way he makes that tool Wolf Blitzer look so uncomfortable. Sometimes Wolfie, in such situations, reminds me of Bob Balaban, the bald small  guy who played the network head on Seinfeld(and also Warren Littlefield on The Late Shift).

2)Keith Olbermann (MSNBC): Keith is the man. He should just piss on Paula Zahn and O Reilly and mark his territory. His is the real no spin zone.

Under Review
1)Dan Abrams(MSNBC): I liked what I have seen of him. But I haven't seen too much of his show to make a definitive judgement.

2)Anderson Cooper(CNN): Man, you are rich. Your mom is mega rich. You don't need to be cautious with your career. Loved the way he tore everyone apart in the hurricane coverage, including the local officialsw without sounding like a right wing tool. The question is does he take this spirit into the political shows.

3)Ron Reagan(MSNBC): I loved the way he was a counterpart on MSNBC's mostly right wing or moderate but Washington insider loving guest lists. But he seemed kind of weak on the show he cohosts with some right wing blonde looney. And it's in the daytime when no one watches. I wish he would replace Rita Cosby in the primetime slot.

1) Joe Scarborough(MSNBC): OK, I am not going to even pretend this guy is not a republican shill on a lot of shows. However, he shares a similarity with many democratic party talking heads. He wants to be loved by everyone. He will occasionally induce me into a spittake when he actually starts arguing full fledged with his right wing guests. He is still a pussy at times, but for some reason, I just can't hate the guy.

2)Fox Newswatch's Eric Burns: This guy is probably a right winger. I have no idea. I don't think he is on the left side by any means. However, he does conduct his show fairly. And that is especially shocking considering it's a FOX show. Now if they can add one more liberal or even libertarian voice to the panel, it would be more well rounded.

I am not even going to bother listing the obvious suspects of people who are not right wing shills- The Daily Show and  the Bill Maher people.

Let's talk about people who infuriate me on TV.
Too many. Let's make things simple and not even bother discussing the FOX News pundits or the usual suspects like Novakula.
Here is  a rundown:

  1. Chris Matthews: This is a guy who is getting more and more deranged each week. His hysterical behavior about the random memo which he falsely described as slandering the italian background of the new SC appointee is a piece of work. He is quick to express outrage at the perceived dirty tactics of the democrats while he discusses in much more even tones , if he even bothers discussing at all, the republican dirty tricks. He went from expressing concern about the whole misleading people into war thing to being a shill for the administration on the Libby case. The guy has become embarassing to watch because what he does seems to stem more from his desire to be a Washington insider than any true right wing convictions.

  2. Tim Russert: Another moron but without the Chris Matthews charm. All those idiotic gotcha games with Dean, but has no guts to play any of those games with the republicans. People like Russert bother me so much more because of the perception that he is this hard hitting objective journalist who may tilt to the liberal side , if at all. Bull!

  3. George Stephenopolous: I will not even bother checking to see if I spelled his name right. A total tool who kowtows to the right wing in his neverending quest to distance himself from the Clinton team he was part of at one time so he can achieve that cool Washington insider membership. Isn't sleeping with that cutie from In Living Color good enough for him?

  4. Judy Woodruff, Blitzer, and pick your typical CNN talking head.
I am done. Comments please.

Is Broussard a drama queen

When I saw the initial Meet the Press interview where Aaron Broussard broke down while telling us the story about how a mom called her son every day from Monday to Friday and then died, I was a little taken aback by the story. The first thing that hit me was what kind of son lets his mom rot away for an entire week in a nursing home during such a crisis without trying to move heaven and hell to get some help? But my anti Bush fury led me to give Broussard the benefit of doubt and his crying was hard to see on a human level. Also I was too busy looking at that idiot Tim Russert and how he seemed more intent on talking tough to democrats instead of the Bush administration related guests with the exception of Chertoff. And I was also to preoccupied why Tim Russert didn't challenge the MS governor enough right after the Broussard segment.

Now I read this on msnbc. The story was a freaking exagerration. The actual story with the mother is still a pretty sad one.  Apparently, the son called a few times over the weekend of the hurricane. The mom died on Monday itself. The owners of the St Rita's nursing home have been charged. They ignored repeated warnings to evacuate.  

It's idiots like Broussard that let the Bushes and Cheneys get away with it. There are enough bad stories one can use as anecdotes to discredit this administration that we do not need amateurs like Broussard ruining it for us on the air. This is why the Democratic Party needs message discipline. They just can't get away with inaccuracies the way the Bushies are capable of.

 Broussard MSN Article

Is Kathleen Blanco good enough? (Hurricane management)

I remember watching her debate Bobby Jindal during the Governor's race. I personally could not take a liking to Jindal despite being an Indian American myself. I was not impressed by her at that time even if I found her more likable.

Now, I am looking at her performance with respect to the crisis and I think she failed. Others on this board, including I, have bashed Bush and blamed him for the problems with relief efforts thanks to Bush devoting most of the country's resources to the war in Iraq. But shouldn't Blanco receive some of the blame? She should have drawn out a plan that maximized her resources and then turned to the Federal Government for the next level of help. At that point, Bush's lack of top priority for the hurricane last week would have been exposed and it may have spurred him to do more and possibly save more lives. If he didn't act on requests, at least it would have been tough for Bush to escape blame in the current political climate. Unless the democrats do their job well, you can't really expect more from Bush.

Blanco should have had a plan that would have gone into effect at different levels depending on what happened. If the levys broke, certain course of action would go into effect right away. Contingencies should have been drawn up in case they couldn't fix the levys. Supposedly a lot of people who were stranded were not all stubborn and ignorant. Some of them lacked friends or resources to leave. Some just didn't comprehend the gravity of the situation. I wish she applied more pressure on the media to highlight the potential of the disaster. We are in an age where we plan for the small chance we get hit any particular time at any airport by going through immense security measures. As of last week, ask most people, and they would say that there was a bigger chance New Orleans could get flooded than a hijacker getting through one of our airports. Yet the preplanning seemed mediocre because it was not seen as something that would DEFINITELY happen that weekend.

She seems like a nice woman, but is she capable of handling such a challenge? For those with more knowledge of this situation, please add to this discussion.


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