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    Yeah, it was sloppy wording by me combining a few thoughts gathered while reading other comments. I think it was vecky or someone else who suggested war taxes. My idea is to expose what the taxes go to by renaming part of the taxes collected as a war tax since it seems to be a big enough chunk to deserve its own name. I wonder if enough people would really support the wars so blindly if they were made to realize explicitly how much they were paying for it. It is no different from people refusing to pay more than a few thousand for a security system even if there exists systems that make them incrementally safer.

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    Stimulus wasn't meant to provide jobs. Not reverse the trend. It could slow down the trend, but there was no guarantee it would bring about an absolute reduction of the old unemployment numbers. Stimulus did give people jobs they probably would not have. How do you know unemployment wouldnt have been worse than 9.7%?


    It's funny how you guys attack trivial programs like the stimulus which are only a small part of the budget but do not get outraged enough at the programs people like Byah have supported. Where was Bayh's concern for the budget when he supported Bush's military policy and people like Lieberman whose views have  bankrupted our treasury with ridiculous defense spending that hasn't done an efficient job of getting rid of the terrorists.

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    Cory Booker seems really impressive and not just from an oratorical POV. But I do not know if Obama's disappointing tenure so far will make your typical white voter wary of another smooth talking charismatic african american leader on the same ticket. Unless they see Booker actually governs. Any NJ residents care to shed some light on Booker and if he is for real?

    I think the younger progressive Democratic Party leaders need to step up too instead of just accepting their fate. They should find a way to sell the progressive message using the cost benefit analysis of programs they espouse and stop saying we must be ready for more taxes. I like the idea of the war tax. If people are going to blindly support a war, then let's fund the war through a separate tax and see if people really support the war.

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    If Bayh is on the ticket, and OBama's adminstration shows no improvement in the next two years, I guarantee I am  voting for either Ron Paul or Nader as a protest vote.


    I may consider voting for that ticket only if Obama improves his administration to a significant extent. How can we win an election if Republicans will just bring up Bayh's statements in the past against him. Will Bayh be able to sell the administration's ideas in a campaign? I dont think so. You need a VP who can dig in and sell your presidency with conviction.

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    It's people like Bayh that did little to curb Bush's war spending. So much for fiscal santiy. Fiscal sanity seems to be a matter of perspective among biased folk. I see waste in everything. Why is it that Bayh likes to mouth off on wasteful spending domestically but did little to curb the same kind of nation building in Iraq? What about domestic nation building? Each child that gets an inadequate education or is stuck in a bad family with little government help in bailing them out of that situation is a future fiscal and moral loss for the country.

    What I wish Democrats would do more of is use cost benefit analysis, the very tool fiscal conservative LEANING independents might see sense in. Would you spend 200,000 for incremental security improvements to your home in case of a burglar break-in in your neighborhood? That is how ridiculous the questionable spending on Homeland Security is. It seems like people like Bayh are willing to give a blank check when it comes to politics of fear, but get fiscally conservative when it comes to the politics of hope.

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    Who among the liberals adovcated two wrongs? Liberals have had ideas to reduce the deficit, but went unheeded. How is the new budget kowtowing to liberal spending as claimed by Lori?


    The only thing I disagree with liberals is they have a tendency to advocate higher taxes more than fighting their battles hard enough to repriortize government spending. We do not need higher taxes. What we need is balanced spending and more audits of the spending and punishment of fraud in government.


    Not spending on inner cities is continuining to wreak bad business for us in the long term. Each time, we raise a generation of latch key kids with no programs to keep them occcupied, that is a wasted generation that causes us problems with crime , drug addiction, and other societal problems that cost the country money and prestige. Spending on social causes is good business for the country.  BUt you have to fully commit to them to make those social programs work. Halfway committment is just a waste of money.

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    It is perception. Voters would respect strong leadership. The Democratic Party was seen as continuing the Bush bailouts and other kind of crap that has NOTHING to do with liberal ideas. The Demcratic Party was seen as indecisive on the healthcare bill and who caused it - the White house and the conservative senators. Did Feingold get the special attention Ben Nelson and Lieberman did while modifying the healthcare bill?


    What lost MA was the base was not energized and did not bother supporting a weak campaign in enough numbers. The independents usually go to someone with strong direction or the perception of it. Coakley did not show that. The party did not sohw that. So the other side was mobilized and showed up.


    By the way, Scott Brown supported stuff at the state level that he claimed he was against at the national level. How do you explain that as the election was lost based on policy?

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    You are a crazy neocon who has been acting moderate on this blog for a while. I remember you shilling for the Lieberman types in the past and his crazy Iraq war type ideas. Guess what gave us big deficit. Not social spending.


    I am actually one of those MYDDers who has been against new taxes. I actually believe neither party does enough to control spending.  However, any rational person will say that defense spending has been mainly responsible for our deficits.


    So what is this out of control spending by the liberals you want to point out? Use facts, not talking points.

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    Evan Bayh type people are self righteous twits who keep using the "mature approach" excuse to hide behind a lack of strong ideas. I wouldn't be surprised if he takes some delight in proving to the party that without him, they can't win a seat over there so he can use that as an excuse for his behavior over the last two years. So he wasn't bothered by the partisanship shown during the Bush years ??


    So let us see if Kaine can mobilize the local party to file for a strong nomination. Did they have a Plan B since Bayh's status wasn't exactly 100% for a while now.

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    Though it would have been nicer if he went down in defeat. One of the worst 5 Democratic or formerly Democratic senators not named Lieberman.

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    If you read the book on the Election by Mark halperin, there are several anecdotes about Palin shutting down completely when she was overwhelmed in predebate prep sessions. She was ignorant of a lot of things and had to be tutored like a 2nd grader on foreign affairs.


    On a related tidbit, she supposedly had a hard time not saying Obiden in the prep sessions, which is how they came up with Palin greeting Biden as Joe, his first name.

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    Why didn't Obama have something similar with the Senate Democrats? Why didn't he take down the Blue Dogs on logic? How they went along with Bushian spending and useless wars, but suddenly see fiscal responsibility when it comes to Democratic programs?


    If Obama repeated the same performance with the Democrats, I think he would have had a better chance of making that 60 seat supermajority work on more issues.

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    This is most welcome news in a year of mostly bad news.

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    But at least a prominent Democrat has stepped up and said that defense pork needs to be trimmed. IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!! Why can't our senators join in the need for fiscal responsibility. I am not anticipating anything good coming from Dianne Feinstein.


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