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    Lanny Davis is scum who painted anyone who opposed Lieberman in such derogatory terms that I am not going to even bother reading his crap. Helen Thomas hasnt said anything that AIPAC supporters haven't said on the other side. A lot of them are still thriving in DC. I am not supporting her statement, but it was not a slur. I dont consider it any worse than a politician asking mexicans to go back to their country. I am sure you will find at least one FOX correspondent out there who expressed something similar.


    I think people have a right to bash her for her statement, but I do not think she had to resign over it.

  • One thing unions are supposed to have more than money, is organizing power? Can't they organize some kind of powerful protest? Scare the hell out of the politicians involved in this crap? When the official promised a booth will be open during the weekend and it was closed, isnt there some way to hold him accountable for his lie?

  • A hissy fit is not an apt description for what i want obama to throw. I want him to be a proxy for the people's sense of outrage at how MMS and other government arms failed them. You neeed the people on your side to get political capital to achieve things. Obama is not doing a good job of that. This is where appearances matter.

    Also, firing Salazar may not be the best thign right now. But what about news that people WILL be fired and follow through on that a few months from now? People need to know that government is accountable. In one plus year of Obama's administration, despite the discovery of many mistakes in other sectors, how many high profile firings have we seen? Very little. Also what is our party doing to reduce conflict of interest? Putting up a token bill is not good enough. They need to press hard until only the Republicans emerge as the bad guys in this.

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    Seriously, I am beginning to mistrust senators. Maybe governors do make for better presidential candidates. GW was a moron but at least he was able to get done some of his priorities however misplaced they were. I just dont trust our senate.

    Anyway, Exxon spill wasnt because of drilling. THat was a tanker. People are missing the point again. WHAT MATTERS IS ACCOUNTABILITY. There were existing regulations and policies that BP violated. There were mistakes made by MMS. Reorganizing or adding more regulations is good, but will not change a thing UNLESS there is actual accountability leading to enforcement of such policies. Just one firing so far???? Obama needs to unleash his bad side and put the fear of life into those regulators. Obama needs to use this incident , not just to stop offshore drilling, but to pass laws reducing conflict of interest. BUT DOES HE HAVE THE COURAGE? Or the WILL??? I don't think he does. He is a freaking senator at heart. Comfortable with compromise past the point of common sense.


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    Otherwise people would strike back at the colder temperatures we had earlier.


    FWIW, when I visited india in the 70s, we played with my cousins in 120 degree heat. (not daily, but the temperature did hit that mark a couple of times). I got a heat stroke and never played in the summer outside over there until it was 4pm at the earliest.

  • I have had the same posting problem in both Firefox and IE.

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    It's funny how one of the reasons Cheney used to sell the war on Iraq was that there was some minor contact once with an Al Queda agent by someone in the Iraqui government even if they couldn't even spin that into something bigger. So that justified Iraq was a country we needed to attack ?? What if India threw a bomb at the US(not that it is practical) because the US has citizens that have cooperated in terrorist plots against India and the US government is complicit in blocking justice for its own homegrown terrorist? (the Half Pakistani origin guy from Chicago which the Obama administration refuses to give up to India for his part in the planning the Mumbai terror attack. Sounds foolish? Well, is that any worse than India attacking Iraq on grounds of terrorism and imminent threat?

    The truth about Pakistan is this.Even the US Government does not know everything regardless of who is in power. They are made up of people who may have excelled at one point, but they are prone to human failings like anyone else. Other than the  historical Communist alignment that had India claiming neutrality with a slight Russian bent,  the other reason why the US was blind to Pakistan's shenangans boiled down to US military and foreign policy officials just enjoying Pakistani military company better than their counterparts in India who are prone to self righteous lecturing. At that point, personal feelings blinded these so called experts to obvious problems in Pakistan for a long time.


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    While I appreciate the new formatting tools, the new MYDD has been inconvenient to use in other respects. THe whole Preview comment thing doesnt work sometimes and my screen gets frozen. Once we encounter a few failed posts, we just give up.  Also on some hot button issues of the day, I find myself loooking for more expertise - such as financial reform and the current oil spill. I can't seem to find much to gain on MYDD on the oil spill issue.

    Hate to say it. BUt MYDD seems kind of dead these days. I used to avoid going to DKos back inthe day because of the noise. But, that's where I tend to do go. Also the search functions help navigate for older posts more easily.

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    Quite frankly, on a relative scale, this is not on the awful side . However, Blumenthal has made a living off of imprecise wording by the people he fought against in court. For him not to be precise with language is not as excusable.

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    Lord Mike, he did give a rebuttal. The tired old "I misspoke accidentally" excuse. Let's see. I work on projects dealing with the VA. yet, I was never tempted to say "when i served in Iraq". Ridiculous. Consider the fact thta he is an attorney general, and any kind of lying should not be tolerated, especially one that is designed to boost his personal career. A lawyer should know better than not to use his words imprecisely.

    Just because the Republicans get away with their lies doesn't mean we should elect idiots like this guy. The fact that even if you disregard the one time incident where he flat out misstated his vietnam service(there are times when he flat out denied serving there, so i will assume it is a one time thing), there are still supposedly other incidents where it seems his campaign was in no hurry to clear up the confusion on whether he served there or not.

    It was funny to read about newspapers printing wrong bios of his service. I can't blame Blumenthal on that. What is a newspaper doing not checking out the background?

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    FWIW, I do think Obama's support of offshore drilling won't hurt him with the general public. It will be seen as him willing to grant concessions to the right and he can always point to this in the future the next time the right accuse him of not compromising enough. Obama can just say "look what compromising might have brought us last time".

    However, while no one can top Bush II's incompetence, do we have any feeling that Obama's people are handling this with much more urgency that what Bush I's people did with the Exxon disaster? I am sure the response is better because we have had 20 years to prepare for another one. But is it significantly better considering we have a Democratic administration in charge? I did not see much urgency in the government going after BP with more intensity early on to avoid any kind of half assed effort to clean up. Janet Neopalatino has been very unimpressive to me so far. She seems no different from the Republicans. She overreacts with some inane TSA regulations when the African bombing bungler was caught. She did not show she means business with this latest disaster. She needs to resign if this thing gets out of control. We need to set higher standards and not settle for just "average". BP should have been scared as hell from minute 1 and spared no expense to clean this up.

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    What has the Democratic Senate done? Very little. You got to lay part of the blame on them too , and not just Obama.

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    I will not trust the Republicans either. But I am losing my trust for the Obama people who I supported over other Democrats in the primary. He has a bunch of idiots in charge. That Goldman charade we saw was just that. The time to implement the strongest reforms was when the government had all the leverage. They can still implement reforms now, but whatever they try to do now will still be weaker than what they could have a year ago. Obama and the Democratic Senate(including the likes of the shameful Dodd who is trying belatedly to redeem himself) have dropped the ball with respect to financial issues.

    I am also disillusioned with the likes of the liberal senators who havent done a good job fighting back against other democrats selling out the party ideals. Fighting back means finding political ways of increasing your own leverage. They should have made their own demands making the catering to any niche group of senators a failed strategy. By keeping quiet, they let the Liebermans and Nelsons rule the roost the first year.

    I have become more libertarian after observing the one year of the Obama administration. They talk a lot, but I do not see enough accountability. What use is increasing regulations if the government won't enforce them strictly? Some of these Wall Street abuses were happening unchecked under the Clinton administration and there were rules back then that could have been enforced. Until government injects a sense of accountability into cabinet members and their underlings(if your department dropped the ball repeatedly, RESIGN), no amount of regulations will make a real significant difference. All it does is create more government bloat.


    What we need to see is a blacklisting of disgraced ex-government officials. If they failed spectaculary while in government, any real patriotic Democrat or Republican will cut off access to this guy when he becomes a lobbyist or liaison to some multi billion dollar group.

    I still do not see the benefits of this healthcare bill when it comes to controlling costs.  Yeah, 30M more insured. I dont care. Maybe they could have just rolled over that 30M into Medicare without making any changes and wasting our time over such a marginal bill. I would have preferred that option. The extra money Medicare would spend would be offset by the savings of not getting such a bill passed.

    Mining and environmental stuff: Let's see what Obama is made of. Is he going to crack down after the mining disaster?

    Obama has dropped the ball on the war on terror too. He is wasting money on Afghanistan. He is not as clueless as the neocons and Bushies. But he still lacks courage. Now I read this http://www.upi.com/Top_News/Analysis/2010/04/28/Outside-View-The-United-States-India-and-the-politics-of-benign-neglect/UPI-48551272455580/

    Imagine if India invaded the US(not that it is practical considering US could crush India) on the pretext that the US is harboring terrorists. Read that link and see what I mean.


    Watched Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution series on ABC. Sure, it was a reality show but it exposed problems with government monopoly on education. You had these inane government regulations about food balance and yet the beauracrats ended up taking policies which had good intentions and used them to serve bad food to kids while rejecting healthier alternatives because they did not meet regulations.  That is not a republican problem, last time I checked.

    At this point, I see no reason but to vote third party in 2012. I am tuned out. THis year has been a massive joke, and it's all not Obama's fault. I have contempt for our Senate and do not see a lot of good happening there. I do not care anymore at this point and will just worry about my own career.



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    I am just curious? How exactly does this bill reduce the deficit? I heard the same thing on Bill Maher's show. But I could not understand how it worked.

    I wish there was a public option because the lawmakers dont seem to know how to remove the cartel like behavior of insurance companies. :Plus another reason for public option would be this: even if profit seeking corporations act more honorably, there will always be a citizen whose health condition is so severe, it is unfair for a company to shoulder that burden. So in such cases, I want the government to take care of such individuals.

    What I do not see is why competition between insurance companies hasn't translated to lesser profit margins? If one company is making obscene profits, shouldnt the marketplace work such that the other insurance companies try to steal those customers? Nothing wrong with profit oriented healthcare. I just dont like seeing statements saying healthcare should be run only by non profit entities. What we need to see is why can't we find a way to force these companies to compete with each other more aggressively so the profit margins can't remain obscene.

    Despite my reservations, I have to laugh at the republicans who are making such crazy statements that the constitution has been violated. Say what?

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    I want to see contractors who misuse government money be punished , sued and fined accordingly.

    I think public officials who are unable to maintain proper cost controls need to be held accountable and fired. At the least, not trusted with any more public money.

    I would like to see less war spending.

    I want to see not only more spending on social issues, but also better explanation of why these programs work by the government.  The more you convince independents that your programs can help, the easier it is to get these programs passed. 

    I do not want to see any more bailouts similar to the bank ones where not enough concessions were extracted in exchange for the bailout.

    I want to see Obama walk the walk and not just talk the talk. He needs to have more closed door sessions with Democrats and get them all on the same page instead of cutting and running like some seem to be doing right now. No Democrat should be forced to go against his principles, but they need to articulate why they are going another way instead of using lazy talking points.


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