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    lieberman and Gore shut their mouths in 2000 and still lost. Lieberman would have been trounced by Bush if he ran instead of Kerry. Kerry's attempt to be diplomatic didn't help him win the election. FACE THE TRUTH. Any democratic leader will be smeared by the Karl Rove machine. It's just that the media and the dem establishment will highlight this fact only when Dean is in the picture and will have short term memory when it comes to their defeats.
  • Texas Nate is right. What is part of Dean's appeal was his fighting spirit. I am a free trade, pro charter school, conflicted about late term abortion(yeah I know that's not a real medical term) independent who leans democrat because of the social inclusiveness.

    I would be what the DLC thinks would be their main supporter. But guess what, ours is a capitalistic economy that no president can make socialist. FOr me honesty, and a do whatever it takes approach is more important. And Dean seems to be willing to use that approach. People in the democratic establishment and the mainstream media ARE STILL PERPETUATING the myth that Dean is a left wing looney. You ever notice these idiots like Beinart never run down a list of Dean's stances when they put out such a simplistic portrait of him.

    And why doesn't anyone point out that when the press attacks Dean as impulsive and divisive, he and Clark were the only also rans to campaign really hard for Kerry. What the hell did Lieberman do for Kerry? Dean had the most reason to give a big fuck you to the powers that be and run as a third party candidate pretty much rendering Kerry DOA for the general election. Isn't that a sign that Dean is a lot more mature than the Dem establishment? Why does not anyone point this out?

    And let me reiterate. Why doesn't anyone point out that Bush won despite exhibiting the traits that the media bashes Dean for. And Bush wasn't even honest.

  • My point was this - brownnosing the right wing won't win you an election since right wing voters prefer to vote for their guy regardless. They will appreciate your brownnosing(in this case Dashcle's)  but all it does is net him less haters than gain him more loyal constituents.

    I dont think Daschle was seen as an obvious conciliator in DC, but then he tries to have it both ways with that stupid ad by associating himself with Bush. Sure winning that state is a tough chore, but considering he has been in the senate for so long, and the fact that this country is loathe to vote against many established incumbents, that should have offset the party disadvantage in numbers in his state.

    Gore made a  huge mistake by selecting Joementum Loserman as his VP candidate. Republicans will like him better than a more moderate or liberal democrat. But would it have inspired any of them to crossover? I don't think so. I don't have any proof, but my feeling is that republicans rarely crossover.

    Bush has taught us a lesson. It doesn't matter how many people hate your guts. If you get loyalty from more people than those who hate you, that's good enough to get elected. It's not like you get 2 points for a 1st choice and 1 point for a 2nd choice on a multi choice ballot.

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    Donna Brazile has supported Dean off tv. But on tv, she has been clueless, though sadly, not moreso than any other democratic party representative.
    All she had to do was ask Bay why she thinks Dean is an ultra lefty. Radical, yes. But for change, not for lefty ideoloagy. All Donna had to do was ask Bay if she is basing the ultra lefty comment on the war statements because as governor Dean was a moderate. At that point, Bay probably takes the bait, and says yes. Then DOnna can just ask her if she considers her brother Pat Buchanan to be an ultra lefty as he used the same reasoning as Dean to oppose the IRaq war. And like Pat, Dean supported the first Afghan invasion. And more than Pat, Dean went on to support the first gulf war. So how exactly is Dean an ultra lefty not on the NRA hit list based on his record as governor? I would just ask Bay to counter one of these points.

    These democrats are useless. We need better leadership. Dean is the kind of guy who is willing to shed old ideology if it means coming up with a solution. He has matured during the campaign and he seems very thoughtful on talk shows. So what if he screamed. Democrats should have used that as a positive instead of humoring their republican brothers just to not feel left out.

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    Daschle tried to hitch on to the Bush bandwagon and still got burned by a fringe candidate like Thune. Pelosi and Reid put in a forgettable performance yesterday. And despite their lack of strong criticism of Bush, they get bashed by the press. Reid, for all his "moderation", is viewed very negatively today by the republican talking heads. If you are going to get criticized , you might as well be like Dean and tell it like it is.

    Oh Pelosi, sue the guy who did your facelift because you look like a joke on national tv. It looks a lot more ridiculous than any scream Dean could engage in. And be happy that there is no cap as of today on damages because 250K won't be enough for how ridiculous your face looks. And stop taking political advice from your stupid daughter who equates whoever humors her in her documentaries to be the best politician for this country. She said some weird stuff about Dean as if he was the only unqualified candidate.

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    I just want to add to my affirmative action that i dont support getting rid of it right now. I meant a phase out over a time period. But even that is a low priority to me compared to corn subsidies, overpriced defense contracts, and many other troublesome issues.
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    I don't really care for the term moderate actually. But it's the term that has a lot of currency. I prefer the term independent. Dean is no knee jerk left winger (though I prefer a naive left winger to a looney right winger anyday.

    Dean has been for the Afghanistan war. He has been for the first gulf war. He just happens to be against the Iraq war, a position that is actually shared by more than a few conservatives(Such as Pat Buchanan). It has nothing to do with pacificism or knee jerk anti Bushism. It had everything to do with common sense. Even Dean said so. He said despite lack of access to sensitive documents, he was able to extrapolate what he knew into what is possibly going on and he was right on target. So as a moderate, am I supporting Dean because he went 2 for 3 in supporting wars in that region? No, it's because of the logic he used. I can quibble with parts of his argument, but he is consistent and smart enough for me to not lose any sleep over the differences. There is no rigid ideology at work in his support or non support. Contrast that with  Hillary Clinton. Nothing wrong in her support for the Iraq war if she can justify it. She gave such vague answers when asked why she voted for the war. It seemed more like a vote to prove she is a moderate and nothing more. That is Moderation by Calculation or Cowardice or whatever you think it is. A lot of senators were afraid of looking unpatriotic. At least Lieberman, as much as I despise his presence in the party, believes in the stupid war. He wants to make sure the mideast is safe for Israel and is aligned with the neocons on this issue.

    Why is it that most democratic leaders, even now, when they appear on FOX, have a hard time defending Dean, even though he swallowed his pride and campaigned hard for Kerry and the establishment last year? Why can't they return the favor? Who is being small minded and incapable of compromising - he so called reasonable estabilishment!
    Dean was not even on the NRA hit list. And yet they call him a knee jerk liberal. It didn't matter that Kucinich who thinks the UN (the same UN that let Rwanda rot) would make things all hunky dory  had his people support Edwards as a second choice in Iowa. Dean was not allowed to live down the scream while we have to endure Bush butchering the English language on a regular basis. If you see Dean on talk shows, he is able to articulate his views better than other democrats who get intimidated and defensive with talk show hosts.

    Personally, I tend to be independent. I am a passionate advocate of vouchers and believe public education has been a major failure in our inner cities. I hate trivial lawsuit  and I think countersuits for expenses in a trivial lawsuit should be made easier to win. However I am against capssince a company or doctor that is truly guilty of criminal negligence should pay. I don't mind if affirmative action is phased out, but I am suspicious of people who make this a large priority when they dont do a thing about politicians hogging all the contracts for their buddies(so much for merit).  I am for the legalization of  drugs like pot despite never taking drugs.

    Dean doesnt agree with me on some of these positions, but he still speaks to me because he is sensible for the most part, we agree on some key issues and I TRUST HIM and he has the charisma to lead. It's that simple. When you have a country with a lot of freedom, you don't really need a politician who agrees with you on every issue. Just some core beliefs and there has to be a trust factor. Do i still fit your stereotype of what a Deaniac is?


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