The liberal senators need to step up!

The past few months, all we saw were instances of so called "moderate" senators in the Democratic Party bashing the liberal and lefty parts of the party. What I fail to see is a verbal dressing down of these senators by the liberal wing of the party. The reason why people like Evan Bayh and Lieberman(not a DEmocrat) can say such things unchecked is they do not fear being called out for their inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and bullshit by the liberal senators who just sit quietly. We need variations of the Alan Graysons in the senate - the bad cop, the good cop who can take subtle digs, and then the unpredictable cop who can say what is on his mind and use that to appeal to folk.


Where are the prominent liberal senators like Boxer doing to point out the inaccuracies of Bayh's bullshit? Forget the unity facade. The Blue Dogs have ruined that by spectacularly blowing the 60 seat majority they held briefly by passing little of consequence. What is Bernie Sanders doing squandering away the advantage he had? In theory, he had equal power to that of Lieberman. Just as Lieberman threatened to vote with Republicans, Sanders could have easily negated that by saying he would abstain if Lieberman was pandered to on a compromise.


Come on folks, fight fire with fire.

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has it occured to anyone but me

that it is absolutely ridiculous for liberals to have to BEG the president and both houses to act like democrats?  We don't NEED a 60 seat majority to get sh*t done.  The republicans never needed a 60 seat majority to act like republicans.  They never had to beg and plead and "hold their feet to the fire" to get crumbs.  It is pathetic that we are still cajoling, ranting and stamping out feet with the position we have put our "leaders" in.

If democratic legislators and the president are acting as if they are the minority party (and they are) it is because they want to.  I am guessing that Obama, whatever real political ideals he has, is not at all liberal...not even close and that liberals in congress and the senate know that and are acting accordingly.  And I also am guessing that many of them are so entrenched in power politics that they have forgotten why they went to DC in the first place.

Right now we have it about as good as we ever will even without that 60th seat and not a damn thing we want is going to get done except cosmetic bullshit.


I am not interested in third party politics.  I don't think the Green party could resurect itself if Jesus himself prayed over it.  I don't think any party coming along is going to change a damn thing either. 

Obviously we need a drastic change in DC and Obama never meant to change anything we wanted changed.  He really bought his own bullshit about post partisanship.  WTF is wrong with partisanship anyway?

So I have stayed in the democratic party despite it's treatment of Clinton and her supporters and democrats in general.  But I am voting for women.  When women have 51 percent of the power in DC, I will be satisfied.  I want my status as a democrat to register every time I vote for a republican woman.

That should bring some change, a more liberal DC and a shift in the balance of power.

Making women equal partners in democracy IS my issue.

Anyone want to argue with me go ahead.  But my mind is made up. I have voted for my last lameass blue dog candidate just because he has a D after his name.  Thank you Carney, Kanjorski and Obama.

by TeresaINPennsylvania 2010-01-27 05:01PM | 0 recs
Well Pelosi is not a senator...

But at least a prominent Democrat has stepped up and said that defense pork needs to be trimmed. IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!! Why can't our senators join in the need for fiscal responsibility. I am not anticipating anything good coming from Dianne Feinstein.

by Pravin 2010-01-28 12:40PM | 0 recs


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