Lieberman laughing again at Democrats expense. Thanks Bayh.

I have no problem if a senator wants to go with another solution that is not the public option. But then articulate an alternative that will help all Americans get at least basic health care.

Remember when Evan Bayh told us that we need to give Lieberman the chairmanship to prevent him from  filibustering on the Democratic Party agenda(except for the Iraq war where even Democratic Party insiders always knew he was batshit insane). Not only is Lieberman not going to support the Democratic Party proposals on a public option, he is saying he will join in a filibuster. /lieberman-willing-to-sink_n_335748.html

This guy has no principles. He is bought off by the insurance and financial lobbies. His wife has a cushy paid position where she gets paid more than her market value which is an indirect form of corruption.

I want all the liberal radio hosts and bloggers with any influence to demand why Evan Bayh is unwilling to  back up what he said when he wanted us to be understanding of their shenanigans to get their buddy Lieberman the chairmanship.

On his way in, he told reporters that if a public health insurance option was in the final health care bill, he would join a GOP filibuster to prevent it from getting an up or down vote. HuffPost asked him if there'd been much reaction from his colleagues in the Democratic caucus.
Lieberman added that he would not support a compromise put forward by Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) for a public option that would be triggered into effect. The Connecticut senator, who was nearly booted from the caucus less than a year ago for supporting the GOP's presidential candidate, said he wasn't concerned about retribution. Asked by HuffPost as he left the meeting if he was willing to give up his gavel -- his chairmanship of the Homeland Security Committee that he fought so hard to keep following the presidential election -- he dismissed the concern. "Oh, God no," he said. "Nobody's asking me that."


If I were to ask Evan  Bayh this, you know what his response would be? Nothing. These bastards who represent us just talk. They don't do anything. It's people like Evan Bayh that give moderates a bad name. A good moderate will take the best ideas from all spectrums and come up with the best solutions. People like Bayh just have no independent opinions of their own. They just go with what they assume to be safe position which won't get them bullied by right wing think tankers and then they spend time building up chummy relationships inthe senate and are content not to rock the boat unless we got a Democratic weakling in the white house. It's time Obama showed these bastards who the real man is and be tough behind the scenes like Lyndon Johnson had to be. Make concessions only when you think you get something substantive in return, otherwise ask them to f*** off.

Remember when we were annoyed at the Obama people more willing to make peace with the lieberman types and willing to alienate the Deans on the premise that it was real politicking? What was the resulting reality? We got NOTHING in return. Not only that, whren a lieberman keeps badmouthing our policies, it only makes our party look weak, not accomodating as these senior idiots in our party thought.

REMEMBER. In 2012, a NON Vote caused by some apathetic alienated base supporter is as bad to Obama's chances as some anarchist just voting for a Nader type.Even if people are more reluctant to vote third party after the W debacle, Obama is inviting a lot of non participations by disenchanted people. I wonder how many votes he has gained in courting the Lieberman type reptiles to offset that potential loss.  

The Democratic Party had EIGHT freaking years to create agendas for the time when they got back in power. A year into the Obama Presidency , it looks like these morons spent more time fighting for buddies like Lieberman to be in the Senate than worrying about fighting for our causes.

Contrast this to George W. Bush. As horrible as his Iraq war policy was, the Cheneyites had a plan and had the conviction of pushing it through.Those mofos did not back down.  Maybe our party can learn how to do that without the lies, of course.  

Oh I just dug up a link from Dailykos where they expose Lieberman's past pledge to work for universal health care reform. Has Lieberman proposed any good alternative to the public option that would bring us this reform? I dont think so.

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We'll see

I highly doubt Lieberman will actually filibuster.

You have to understand, Holy Joe has no allies, he only has what he can wrangle from the Democratic caucus.  The only weapon he has is to be the 41st senator to support a filibuster.  Without it, the Democrats won't give him anything.  

Joe has chosen his timing well; this is not an issue the Democrats can fail on.  I imagine that he'll wrestle a promise for Reid and the DNC not to support Democratic challengers for his 2012 Connecticut Senate seat race.

Is it right?  Of course not.  Is it the way it is?  Yes, until Lieberman can be otherwise dealt with.  

Would kicking him out of the caucus help?  No, because then he'd just ALWAYS be the 41st filibuster vote and we wouldn't have any controls on him.

One might suggest that we should stop playing ball with automatic filibusters, and I acually agree with that suggestion, but until that time comes, it's easier to throw Joe scraps of concessions than to throw him to the wolves.

by Dracomicron 2009-10-28 06:01AM | 0 recs


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