The Oil Mess: Is Obama just clueless?


I am just stunned that the Obama administration is just getting by with words and not enough action. How come there are no high profile firings after the BP fiasco? His and Salazar's reaction is to reorganize departments? HOW IS THAT GOING TO HELP? That is just politicial bull. How about raising accountability? Reorganizing things just adds to the beauracratic label Democrats get tagged with. We have Republicans, ridiculously opposing efforts to raise the cap on damages,  doing all they can to look like fools and yet Democrats are not annhilating the Republicans on this issue? Somehow, the fringe Tea Partiers are coming off as the only people angry at government inaction when some of their own members have a mixed record on this very issue of punishing BP?

Saying you are angry is not the same as real actions conveying you are angry.  

Let us be honest. If the Bushies reacted the same way the Obama administration has, do you think we would have been so polite about Bush? Why is Obama just expressing "frustration" , but not doing a thing to put the fear of criminal prosecution in the hearts of oil execs everywhere? Why is not Obama putting the fear of whatever is mighty into the hearts of every single government official who dropped the ball on regulation? Forget new regulations which seems to be the only answer from Democrats. HOW ABOUT PUNISHING GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES WHO ARE DERELICT IN THEIR CURRENT DUTIES???? And what is the Democratic senate doing to improve upon republican negligence? Is there a bill in the works to prevent conflict of interest hiring of government employees in private industries dealing with the same area?

Obama should have stepped up on Day 1 and scared the living daylights of not only BP but government officials who are party to this criminal act. BP would not be this arrogant about taking their own sweet time if he had shown who is in charge. Obama should stop respecting so called establishment experts and trusting them to do their thing. It's time to hold everyone accountable for their expert advice and throw them out like garbage when things go wrong more than once.


I am just amazed that Obama who seemed to be in tune with the pulse of the country just seems clueless in the level of anger he is sustaining in the populace with his "too cool to look angry" demeanor. We need Obama to play bad cop or he needs to deputize someone who can do so as his surrogate. The Tea party movement can be crushed if he can show that people will be fired when they do not do their job in government. That intelligence firing was a start. Now let's see some firings in other areas. I don't need a smaller government, but I do want to see a better one. If our politicians are unwilling to make it better(not just better than the Bush level of incompetence), I will ask for a smaller government.

[UPDATE] Here is a Daily kos diary that defends Obama on the issue. Worth reading the comments for both sides of this issue as to how much Obama is really to blame. I guess, I am more angry at the messaging and the lack of fear Obama is putting into government officials over the different crises in the last year. I don't expect obama to discover a way to solve long festering oil problems in a month.


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Unmitigated disaster

By all accounts of independent scientists and oceanographers, it was extremely naive for the administration to trust BP for so long. End of the day no one has the data to analyze the extent of this disaster, which includes not just the huge amounts of oil you see on the surface but also the vast plumes of tar that are below the surface.

For quite some time the NOAA went along with the BP estimate of 5000 barrels spill per day, now after forcing them to reveal the underwater footage in real time that estimate has been upgraded to a conservative 100,000 barrels per day. Essentially oil has been spilling at the rate of about 4 million gallons per day for the last month, and that is a conservative estimate. If that is not a disaster I don't know what is. I know Obama has set up a commission of some sort, which looks a lot like political handwaving to me. But right now the ecological disaster affecting the entire Gulf coast is frankly unmitigated. Worse, because the scientists did not have adequate data they don't know and are unable to suggest the best way to approach this disaster. If that's not enough, since BP is still in charge of clean up, environmental experts have limited access to the marshlands and beaches of Alabama and Louisiana, so there is limited wild life rescue there. While BP is to blame for this, we cannot absolve this adminstration's response or for that matter the extremely lax oversight prior to this disaster.

In the end the economy of the entire Gulf Coast will suffer. I don't see people visiting the beaches of those states for a long time, the marshes need to be burned, many endangered animals will die, the entire shrimping industry will take a huge hit for decades.

I found two links which explains the enormity of the disaster, the first is an NY Times article and the second is a Kos diary.

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