Chelsea Clinton Wedding: Family Values


 I am one of those sick and tired of Republicans trying to claim family values as their specialty. They have gone after Obama and Clinton personally. Yet what they have both managed to do is raise fine wholesome studious families that will make any grandparent proud. The Bush kids(both generations), the Reagan kids(some of them), Palin kids are not exactly the best example of "wholesome" family values. Yet how do they get away with this audacity?


Anyway, congratulations to the Clintons on Chelsea's upcoming wedding.


Who cares if Bill has cheated on Hillary. They both managed to tough it out and stay together to raise a well behaved non bratty daughter. Bill may not be there for Hillary when it comes to not embarrassing her in this area.  But he is there for her in every other way including raising their daugter. Fidelity is only one aspect of a good family. Not the only one. And not necessarily the most important one.


You got Glenn Beck going after Michelle for a freaking outfit????  How does that outfit she wore in the gulf reflect her personality? And his viewers don't seem to mind. his inane rantings.  How many republican families are better than the Obama family when it comes to family values?

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