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 Don't get me wrong. I am not opposed to more regulation. I just think we have a bigger problem. I am sick of the lack of accountability under both administrations. THe problem with the BP problem wasn't just inadequate regulation. They weren't even enforcing the existing rules. At this point, government is so bad, would we better off voting for a candidate based on accountability regardless of the candidate's ideology? At least such a candidate, even if he or she differs from us on some policies, will at least enforce the existing good ones better than the one who panders to us but does nothing.


Obama has so far been a talker. Janet Neopolatino is not wretched like Chertoff, but has she been effective? All I see from her is pandering to the fears ala the Bush administration.  Are there going to be any MAJOR firings in government over those who messed up the oil rig inspections? Is BP being threatened with any creative approach of taking them down legally? Sure, there is that 75M limit. But will such a lmit hold true if it is shown that it was not just a mere accident but BP criminally overlooked certain regulations? I don't know the answer. But it will be nice to see some government officials working day and night finding issues that can put the fear of all that is mighty into the BP execs hearts.


Same with the finance industry. Obama talked about his anger at compensation. WHO CARES? What did he do when he gavve the bailouts? Did he try to use the leverage he had to get the reforms he talks about but lacks the will to enact and enforce?

It has been talked about how SEC dropped the ball on existing regulations when dealing with Madoff. So what good are extra regulations going to do if the government can't even enforce EXISTING ones? What is Obama proposing that actually increases accountability? I havent heard Obama say even once that he will work to take down the bad guys in the country. All he says that he is "angry". Geez man.


It's not just Obama. It's the senate too. A lot of Democratic Party senators are guilty of being indifferent with out tax money. They need to start treating government money like their own. Get mad at people stealing our money instead of just holding committee hearings which are all show and no action. Tell us what you are going to do with the bad guys in KBR and Halliburton who bill us for services that are not done properly and overbill us on some services that are not even done at all.


We need a lefty and moderate version of the tea party. I am sick of all this talk but no real results.

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