Development and analysis of PET plastic packaging industry.

PET recycled plastic can be used to make clothing, motorcycle helmets, fishing line, packing rope. Or simply used on food packaging, PET recycled plastic bottles can regenerate unlimited recycling.

Because plastic packaging materials derived from petroleum, in order to save resources, many countries have developed a plastic packaging recycling technology, as early as 1991, has recycled PET chips used in food packaging. Good barrier PET material makes all kinds of carbonated drinks, fruit juice, milk dairy products, tea drinks, mineral water and other major food and beverage packaging materials. In China, all current PET plastic bottles are all made ​​from refined from petroleum native PET material made ​​up to 3 million tons per year of PET plastic bottle production consumes more than 18 million tons of oil , but also caused a huge environmental pressure. PET plastic bottle recycling regeneration, help conserve resources.

In the scope of Beijing, the total waste PET bottles up to 150,000 tons per year, about 6 billion waste plastic bottles, causing great harm to the environment . As manufacturers of PET chips reproduction technology, regenerative food grade PET chips can be directly used in food packaging, so as to achieve 100% recycling infinite, PET plastic bottle recycling renewable saving the consumption of oil resources.

PET plastic production and development history.

Britain published the first PET patent preparation in 1946, in 1949 the British company ICI to complete the test, but after DuPont purchase the patent, the establishment of a production plant in 1953, the first industrial production in the world. Since the 1980's, PET plastic has been used as a breakthrough, with continued development of a nucleating agent and crystallization accelerator, currently together as PET and PBT thermoplastic polyester, becoming one of the top five engineering plastics.

PET production scale in China lags far behind several major foreign manufacturers. In the 1980's, China has gradually introduced to a few million tons of PET resin synthesis of advanced equipment from abroad , quality and yield have made great progress in it. According to the China Textile Institute of Statistics , in 1997 China produced 1.74 million tons of PET chips resin, wherein the high viscosity of the resin packaging chips production capacity of 224,000 tons, the production of adequate sources of PET plastic resin grade. Since the preparation of a variety of mixed -modified PET plastic device with a device modified mixed with other polymers is universal, compounding extruder and other domestic manufacturers have formed a certain scale, so long as the market once the development, domestic PET plastic production is also increased rapidly.

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