Ohio - Reform Begins Tomorrow

As some will be aware the ineffective ODP Chair Denny white resigned, and the replacement is to be voted on by the Ohio Democratic Party Central Committee (137 members) on the 19th December.

Grass roots in Ohio pressured ODP to hold regional debate forums as part of the process of selecting the new chair. This would give everyone a chance to hear what each candidate has to say, what their plan would be and to be questioned on it.

ODP decline this opportunity, so grass roots organizations set about "Democracy for Democrats"

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Help Select The New Ohio Dem Chair

If you follow Ohio Politics at all you will have heard that the Ohio Democratic Party (ODP) chair Denny White resigned last Wednesday. A good thing for all, given how utterly ineffective he has been.

Now we have a golden opportunity to get a chair who can rebuild Ohio and take it back from the GOP corruption and incompetence. But it isn't going to be easy.

There has been much rumor swirling around about insider moves, coup's, and smoke filled back room deals.

So to the gossip and the actions we can take in the extended.

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Help Us Drive A Stake Into The Ohio GOP

From the diaries--Chris

So you think you are an activist huh ? Well we need your help in Ohio once again.

The biggest election in 2005 is in Ohio: The Reform Ohio Now campaign, issues 2, 3, 4, and 5. This is our chance to drive a stake into the heart of the Ohio GOP, but time is running out.

How can you help ?

First, we only have about 8 weeks left, so please recommend this so as many people as possible can get a chance to stick it to the Ohio GOP - They deserve it !

Action steps in the extended.

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Ohio CoinGate and the November election

This Ohio coingate which i have been trying to cover locally is getting freaky.
Everyone is focusing on the money and the pay for play that is obvious, but there is something else in the under current that just keep coming up constantly and not getting any answers.

It always seems to come back to the election and the Lucas county Board of elections - and bernadette Noe.

First, she was chair of the Lucas county GOP and hence had a spot on the BoE. Lucas County had terrible problems in Nov. there is a pdf report on the Ohio sec of state website

Now it gets a little weird. Bernadette Noe reported a guy called Joe Kidd who was director of the Lucas BoE to the authorities, from the blade

The contributions to the Bush campaign became the subject of a criminal investigation after Bernadette Noe and Sam Thurber, two former GOP members of the county elections board, talked to the county prosecutor's office about what they claimed was wrongdoing by Joe Kidd, the former director of the county elections office and a fellow Republican.

Investigators found nothing to validate their claims against Mr. Kidd, but the investigation quickly changed direction to focus on new allegations that Mr. Noe had routed campaign cash to the Bush campaign through other local Republicans.

So thats weird, right ? If she was up to her neck in campaign fraud, why report anything and bring attention, and it seems that is exactly what happened, as the tables got turned on her.

I tried talking to a few blade reporters about this, but they are very cagey.

Ok, so strange but shit happens, people are stupid.. BUT, then i read today this little nugget, again its in a blade story, where it isnt kinda burried at the bottom....

COLUMBUS - Attorney General Jim Petro acknowledged yesterday that Bernadette Noe, a lawyer and wife of embattled coin dealer Tom Noe, "may have" successfully lobbied his office to direct thousands of dollars in contracts to her law firm to collect debt on behalf of the state.
"Tom never brought it up. I don't doubt that Bernadette may have," Mr. Petro said....

 In 2003, Mr. Petro appointed Tracy Kidd, who like Ms. Noe was a part-time lawyer at the Toledo law firm Wise & Dorner, as special counsel to conduct debt collection. The appointment meant that Ms. Kidd, and potentially Ms. Noe, would receive as much as one-third of the $245,000 collected during her tenure as special counsel for the state.

Who is Tracy Kidd ?

no other than the wife of Joe Kidd !!

so we have Bernadette Noe, with the Help of Tracy Kidd, getting kickbacks from the state to do law work for the state, and for some reason, she starts ratting out her lawyer partners husband at the BoE and the shit blows right back in her face.

no one is that stupid. There is a story not being told here.

SS - We're Taking Action

My first diary here on MyDD, but i thought this was the right place for it, because it involves ACTION !

Our county, in the center of Ohio is RED. So westarted a PAC to turn it purple. Our Congressman Pat Tiberi (OH-12) is one of our targets.

Social security gave us some great ammo, but tiberi himself loaded the gun - thanks Pat !

You see, he took his marching orders from Tom Delay and headed out to his district for a meeting with constituents on SS. But poor pat despite his praise of Bush for being courageous on SS, is a scaredy cat.

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