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    Buckeye State Blog - Bombs away

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    Chris I think this is a good idea, but...

    I think having them give it all up might be a bad idea for some.

    I think you need to filter your list for those running for higher office in 08 and

    Consider than they will be using some of their money for GOTV - GOTV that will aid statewide candidates.

    I do think that a sizable amount could be donated however and it would be best done so in the $2,100 lumps rather than to the DCCC.

    Have 'em "buddy up" with some challengers or something.

  • Repairing rifts.

    I think the senate race absent something from Brown is shot as far as blogs go to be honest - i dont think there is a single state blog that's interested in helping Brown right now - and after the dust up the nationals don't seem interested either.

    There are a good deal of other opportunities to be had I think in Ohio.

    Studebaker for one in the 3rd has a lot of grass roots and netroots support and finished in the top 4 or 5 or the recent DFA endorsement poll powered by local blogs despite the nationals pushing the netroots candidates.

    the 1st district is within striking distance as is the 15th, and the 12th is a sleeper. 18th is always good for fun until Ney has to resign

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    Watching this race up close for the past few months, it's been a little weird from the gitgo.

    Brown came out of the gate in nuclear mode - real slash and burn stuff, which still doesnt make any sense to me considering he had a big money edge and an apparent 30% primary lead (it was his own internal poll).

    Why all the inside moves if you are in such a strong position ? I would have expected a candidate who thought he had the lock to sit back, raise the money (which he really didnt do) and build the grass roots GOTV engine - which i still am not seeing.

    He has alienated most of the Ohio blogs, the press in Ohio isnt very flattering, he fired his political and field directors recently and is constantly scrubbing his grow ohio website of gaffes.

    For all his impressive progressive credentials, it's been a real long time since i have seen such a badly run campaign - and other than Dewine catching his "plagiarizing" Dewine hasnt even began campaigning yet.

    I am more than a little concerned that after 12 months of Ohio GOP bashing for corruption in the press (Tom Noe got indicted on 53 counts today, LOL) that the polls are still showing the GOP and Dem candidates for Senate and Gov tied.

    We have some serious problems in Ohio with dysfunctional Democrats - no wonder we havent won a statewide election since 1992 with john Glenn.

    Urgh, it's frustrating living here.

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    I think you might be premature.

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    When it comes to elections that is, the power of the blogs, especially locally, or state wide is the power to project what is written on the blogs into the mainstream press.

    I wholly expect 2006 to be vicious, with Thune type blog efforts in many many races. Knowing and expecting this is the key. So that when the slime comes the ground work is already done to deal with it.

    That means having local blogs blogging local races, and being able to feed that stuff up to bigger blogs and into the press.

    Of course that is now, as people think the blogs are more and more important, so they will be - it is almost self fulfilling.

    What we really need is a political blogger university, to train activists in political blogging. How to frame, how to talk to the press, how to push back and push forward and how to do effective oppo etc.

    What is also needed is a viable funding model. Blogging is very time consuming, and doesnt support the blogger - the best folks arent going to do it forever and for free.

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    First I don't think it is a top pick up because i expect there to be a special election as Ney is going to have to resign when indicted - which looks all but a done deal right now.

    Next up is Sulzer - the guy might be touted as a good candidate, but i am hearing his fundraising isnt that strong, and he is practically invisible in the district - he never even gets a quote in the papers when Ney is mentioned

    and now as Tim says up thread - a bunch of Ohio races are being messed with by statewide candidates - not to mention the ODP chair opening.

    Ohio is a mess and it doesnt look like an lessons have been learned. It's going to take another disaster I fear for all this deadwood to be cleared out and new blood brought in.

    We need to clean house in Ohio, but that process isnt going to be done in time for 2006.

    The ODP chair race will give us a hint at which direction we are headed. If strickland and Refern win out we are in a world of hurt, but if we get a real selection process for ODP chair and a decent guy committed to the party and not a campaign we have a shot.

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    excerpt here Cant do it all for copyright of course.
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    See, now i feel left out - cos no one called me.
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    thats an awesome idea.
  • exactly - and absent a correction from Jerome there is only 1 conclusion.

    Should we really have to fact check someone with Jeromes reputation ? Apparently we do now, and that i find sad.

    the fact this was done for a candidate he has done work for makes it even more egregious.

  • No it isnt hard to nail down. Jerome made that comment well before the filing deadline, then when the deadline passed and the report was public it showed 2 million bucks, not the 3 Jerome had claimed previously.

    I would agree if Jerome had made his comment AFTER the filing deadline, and we would have to wait and see for the next filing, but he didnt. I have yet to see Jerome explain this - either as a mistake or intentionally trying to inflate Browns fundraising.

    Jerome also claimed Brown had a massive grass roots organization in place, yet in Browns own open letter he talks of hiring ONE guy. One.

    On the political front, we have already begun to change Ohio. Early this year, my campaign hired Dan Lucas, an experienced political field operative to retool the Ohio Democratic Party in preparation for the 2006 elections.

    As for Brigham, I guess since he said it after the deadline we will have to wait until the next filing deadline to know if he is truthful or full of shit too.

  • I think it depends on which way the wind is blowing and how much more desperate the Brown camp can be with their smear campaign - headed by David Sirota.
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    This has got to be one of the worst smears I have read of any candidate from someone who is supposedly on the same team. Disgraceful.

    Brown and his campaign must be feeling very desperate to have to resort to this kind of shit before they have even publicly declared they are in the race.

  • Jerome claimed Brown has 3 million in the bank when he told us all that Hackett should step aside. turns out that Brown only has 2 million in his october filing.

    As for Sirota, Ann has the full run down on that pile of crap.

    As usual the truth is still getting it's shoes on as the lies are half way around the world.


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