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    Actually, since they only need a majority vote to change the rules governing the senate, I'm going to bet there's a rule change preventing filibusters.
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    Almost, but not quite.  Filibuster anything that would be long term.  Filibuster attempts to open wilderness, but not attempts to overturn clean water and clean air.  Filibuster judges who could be their for decades, but not those who will only be around for a few years.

    Filibustering everything will just open the doors for the right wing propoganda machine to blame everyting on the left.

    Let them privatize social security, let them have the flat tax.

    The 25% of the ignorant (not fundamentalists) who voted for Bush were easily brainwashed.  They have to suffer before they'll believe us.  We can change the tax code, and we can even make Social Security better when we regain the trust of America.

    We need some scorched earth. Pain trumps Propoganda!

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    This is very interesting, and I agree.

    We now have AirAmerica to counter right wing radio, we sure could use some fire and brimstone type preachers (with common sense) to counter the fundamentalist propagandists on the right.


  • Convince them!  My God we were running against a guy who started a WAR by lieing his butt off. A Guy who openly raided the U.S. treasury.  A guy who sends secret police to look at what books you're reading.

    How in the world do you expect to "convince" someone who would vote for a person like that?  Bush voters can't be convinced, they obviously either lack the ability to reason, or just don't care.

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    We lost because 52% of America is either extremely ignorant or just plain evil.  We live in a country where a large segment of the population simply doesn't care about anyone but themselves.

    They don't care if your son dies in a foreign land so they can drive their SUV.
    They don't care if your parents loose their home after they retire as long as they can have the S.S. money to buy the next Internet IPO.
    They don't care if you get sick and die because you can't afford to buy medicine.
    They don't care if America has to default on it's debt so they can have an extra $20 a month to buy the HBO package with their cable.

    And Karl Rove know's how to handle the Ignorant.
    You don't talk about issues, or try to reason with them, you play to their emotions.  Make them fear, make them want, and make them believe your opponent has no character and can't be trusted.

    We now need a scorched earth policy.  The ignorant must suffer before they're ready to come around.  Let S.S. die, let their sons and daughters get drafted, let their jobs move overseas.  Only after the Bush depression will they fight the brainwashing efforts that the Repugs have so deliberately mastered.

    It's not the candidates, it's not the issues, it's not the makeup of the Dem party.  We live in a society where far too many people have a value system that stretches the line from the Taliban to Attila the Hun.

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    Early, Kerry isn't doing quite what he needs in Phili, but might be making it up in Allegheny.
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    Florida is all but over.
  • I see Gore with 61%
    Kerry with 62%

    Not enough, sigh...

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    Florida is not looking good!  It's up to Ohio.

    The counties That Bush carried in 2000, he is carrying by 3-5% more this year!  This really sucks!

    Kerry needs a monster turnout in Browered in Palm Beach!

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    I live near boulder CO. and my friends and I usually meet at a pub called the "Dark Horse".  Turnout in colorado has been near record high.  We're going Blue!
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    I saw a mini press conference on the NBC today show with Bush.
    He was talking about how he gave it his all.  I immediately said to my girlfriend, he knows, they already told him he was going to loose.  It was the most humble I've seen Bush since 911.

    I actually started feeling sorry for him, then I remembered what he's done to my country over the past 4 years!

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    These exit numbers are raw, and it really depends on what precincts they're coming from.  We've still got to get ALL the dems to the polls. GOTV GOTV
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    I've talked to several early voters in several counties in Colorado.  Lines were 1-2 hours long in the Dem early voting centers.  Dem hdqrtrs can't find enough work for all the volunteers.  Salizar (senate candidate) is leading in the polls, he's bringing out the Hispanic vote, and how many people know his brother is running for a house seat which will again increase Dem turnout.

    And to top it off, we just had a real nice snow storm right in the heart of the most GOP county in the state.

    All you easterners need to look to the west at that blue glow in the Rocky Mountains.

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    If you look at the poll results compared to the actual results in 2000, Bush looses ground in every battleground state but 1!

    It's up to us now.  GOTV

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    500,000 voters (D's) are challenged in Fl Oh and Wi.  By the end of the night, Bush has a lead in all 3.  On Wed. Bush declares victory and the Repug propoganda machine starts crying that the Dems are trying to commit voter fraud by having people vote after the election is over.

    After several weeks, America grows frustrated over the fight, the supreme court says the voters don't get a chance to vote after election day, and America's great experiment in democracy ends on Nov.2,2004.

    Only a large GOTV effort tommorrow will prove me wrong.  How many people will YOU get to the polls tommorrow?


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