• I don't know about you, but I have a truly crazy, right wing uncle who sends me hateful e-mails all the time.

    And, yes, he's still my uncle.

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    A lot of what Wright said is right.  White people do have most of the power in this country.  White people are not called "nigger' (something Martin Luther King talked about).  U.S. foreign policy is part of why terrorists hate the country.

    And the God damn America part, the worst of the comments imho, is not different from Falwell, Robertson et al and is at stark variance with what Obama has said over his career.

    Furthermore, we should never judge a presidential candidate by what his pastor said.  That is not an American value.

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    The pastor was not "on the campaign," he was on a list of for a committee that never met.  

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    I wonder how you folks react when your friends do the wrong thing or run into trouble.

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    Bill Clinton had a slew of negative stories when he ran for president, including the Gennifer Flowers one and the draft letter. People said he was toast. He was not.

    When the Lewinsky story broke, pundits said he would have to resign within the week. He did not.

    It's just way too early to write Obama's obituary and will be for at least a week.  The tracking poll numbers will take a hit, as the Rasmussen one already has.

    But time will tell and the timing of this may turn out to have been in the Democrats' advantage.

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    Dukakis didn't respond.

    Obama has.

    It may turn out that "Obama is toast," but it is way too early to say.  And he very well may survive because he has been out there right away.  He went on three tv shows yesterday and released a youtube response which will be heavily circulated.

    Bill Clinton had the same things said about his candidacy when the Gennifer Flowers story and the draft letter story broke. Yet he won the nomination and the presidency.

  • Yeah, I did see it.  It doesn't look Christ-like to me.  

  • An excellent response, which will be played widely.  Who knows how much impact it will have, but we will see.

  • I don't even know what picture you're talking about with Guiliani and I follow politics a lot, so I don't think it could have had much impact.

  • I really don't think Obama ever had a "Christ-like image."  That's a claim made by people who don't support him and it's not the way Obama is seen by his supporters.

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    Folks - time will tell.

    I remember all the times people wrote off Bill Clinton, from the 1992 Gennifer Flowers story to the 1997 Lewinsky stories.  When news of the affair w/Monica broke, pundits said he would have to resign within weeks.

    Truth be told, we don't know yet how this will unfold. Obama will take a short term hit, but he's actually better off having this come out now. PA is a long ways away and in the fall, this will be old news.

    And Democrats are better off for having this break at this point, so we can see if he does in fact recover from the polling hit he will take.

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    Yes, but Obama has already responded and will continue to do so. Kerry let the charges stick out there for weeks.

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    There are lots of reasons to stay with a congregation.  

    It is really is a way to be part of a community and to be involved with others in activities. I don't define mine by my religious leader, but by my fellow congregants.

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    Your view of MLK is the one set out every MLK day and it leaves out the very real critiques he made of the power structure in American.

    King did not say people should love segregationists. His remarkable "Letter from Birmingham Jail" laid out the damage done by segregation and included a line about how black men suffered by being called "nigger,' and it then argued for resistance.

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    This doesn't surprise me with the Wright story out there.  And the way tracking polls worse, the numbers will certainly not get any better for a few days. In fact, they may get worse.

    But new stories will come out and, perhaps, the energy with this story MAY dissipate.

    Time will tell.

    If this kills Obama's chances, it's better it came out now rather than after he became the nominee.

    Personally, I think he did a credible job answering the story and Pennsylvania is still many weeks way, so I think he very well may regain his lead.  We will just have to wait and see.


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