Gallup: Looks like a convention bounce starting

The new Gallup poll is out and Obama picked up three points, putting him ahead of McCain again, albeit by a narrow margin.

But, more importantly, it looks like the Tuesday number was great. Those reflect what happened on Monday night.  Gallup says, "a convention bounce may be developing.

BTW, the bounce usually does not fully develop until after the convention.

Gallup's official "post-convention bounce" reading on Obama's support will be based on interviewing conducted Friday through Sunday.

But Gallup notes

With the McCain campaign hinting that it will attempt to dampen an Obama bounce with a quick announcement of the Republican vice presidential nominee on Friday, any effect from the Democratic convention may be short-lived.

Personally, I don't see any of the possible vp picks that are talked about a lot helping McCain much, but I guess...we will see.

Meanwhile, let's get ourselves ready to work for Obama. I'm signed up for a one night a week shift and will see if I can do more.  How about you?

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