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    as has organized labor in general, the WFP in NY as well. I still cannot forgive ALL our Democratic leaders who threw ACORN under a bus. They brought millions of economically disadvantaged voters to the polls who voted heavily Democratic!

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    Halter will not be a social liberal but he will be a reliable vote on all progressive economic legislation. Great TV appeal and personality and AR Congressman Marion Berry does not like him which makes him good in my book!

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    There are only three counties statewide and his has more people than the others combined and they re-elected him unoppossed! Pretty formidable!

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    Bravo to everything said above. Blaming Jane Hamsher and FDL for the failed strategies of Rahm Emanuel is shameful and disgraceful!

  • Kansas, Oklahoma, Wyoming were only held to the thanks of popular individual Democrats but will go red when they are no longer on ballot. AZ is open, Culver has a race and we have a lot of other turf to defend.

  • Yes, you speak of our 2006 netroots favorite Ned Lamont. The experience that Ned had as the final outcome will very much mirror McMahon except Ned had Democratic grassroots support in a Democratic leaning state. McMahon is coming in from the other side making he chances even less likely.
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    their way into office, Texas Governor John Connolly spent millions for one delegate, Giuliani did also in 2008. Remember how many millions Ron Lauder spent in NY in his failed attempt to be Mayor. Linda can spend whatever she and her husband want but the people of CT are smart and they will understand what is going on here and unless she has issues that will resonate with the CT electorate, no money in the world will get her a Senate seat.
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    But he voted against Health Care and in this Obama win by 8% district lets make his replacement Democratic nominee a part of the more and better Democrats project! How did Baird vote on Stupak? I think for it so based on those two votes bye bye and don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!

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    This is not good news, this is a poor example of more and better Democrats because this seat is more likely to flip than stay D and Moore votes much more with us than his Republican successor ever will!

    Is there any body on the fam system for this seat?

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    is the statement that you would not be surprised if the Republicans gain back a bunch of their lost seats regardless of attacking Pelosi.

    If the Democratic congress does what they need to do on healthcare along with their other reforms the Republicans will actually lose seats in 2010. I will not be caught so generously conceding ground to the party of nothing and about nothing that is now relegated to being the party of the south and secessionist movements!

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    As a Reform Jew, the largest denomination of Jews in North America, I find the Podhoretz writing insulting and totally off base.  Many of desmoinesdem corrections have merit but the most poignant point is that the Reform Responsa, the Rabbinic interpretations of the Torah,reads like the Democratic Party Platform.  It is Pro-Choice, Pro-Gay, Commanding against Xenophobia. The Torah commands us to honor the differences of others faiths and nationalities.  It commands charity to those in need.  In short it conflicts with Republican World view in its entirety! This explains more than anything else why some 80% of American Jews like me support the Democratic Party!

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    Stop trying to get any Republicans, pass a good bill ourselves and get on to the Energy and Education legs of the Obama three leg stool already!

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  • Why confuse that guy with the facts.  Besides it was 215 for Coleman after the first round election totals were retabulated for typical election night errors.  Acorn is a voter registration effort to enfranchise low income citizens, they have nothing to do with finding uncounted votes in the hands of the local BOE.  The recount itself was the most open process in US history.  Powerful bi-partisan confirmation now exists that Political Commentator Al Franken has won.  His powerful sense of fairness, knowledge of the issues and academic strength makes him uniquely qualified.  His comedic past while at times edgy was mostly good with the normal number of bombs common to the trade. Nothing that Franken could have done in the name of comedy and social criticism could resemble the disgust of Andrew Dice Clay more than Norm Coleman's abuse of Senate power illegitimately gained by tragedy to enrich himself and his family.  The conviction of Norm will fully legitimize the election of Al Franken to the political right.  For the rest of use, Senator Franken's election was long ago legitimated.

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    This is so typical of the credit card industry.  I bet they did not even offer to refund whatever premium you paid for that service after pronouncing you unqualified to receive the benefits!


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