Many critics have stated that President Obama has not yet earned the Nobel Peace Prize.
In fact President Obama has said the same.  

He hasn't fixed the global financial crisis, nothing has changed in the Middle East.

We are still at war in Iraq and Afghanistan and of course we still have the "axis of evil".

Global warming and Nuclear weapons still exist.

At home he has high unemployment and millions are without health care.

He hasn't changed the way people look at our Gay and Black brothers and sisters and the list goes on.  (God he has had nine whole months)

Why do we and the rest of the world expect so much from one man?  

President Obama has raised these expectations!

He has also convinced a majority of people he can achieve the "impossible"

He deserves the Nobel Peace Prize because he has raised the level of expectation  and offered a vision of what we can achieve.

As president of the United States and a "Superpower" he is in a unique position to bring about change globally

The Nobel Peace Prize is a Global Prize and what other individual on this planet has
an opportunity to make this planet safer?

They are betting on what they have observed over nine months that President Obama needs the prestige of the Nobel Peace Prize and that he will earn it over his
8 year term and lifetime.

This is a sure bet and with our support and activism we can accomplish the "impossible"

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What a great choice! This prize has been given to someone with the heart and the potential to bring about real change and real peace.

Consider this prize an investment in the future. I believe they awarded this prize to President Obama not because he has accomplished peace but because of what he will accomplish in the future.

Nice guys finish first.

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How is it that we have not found out through some mistake or loud
mouth who the VP is? How has the Obama campaign been able to keep his choice such a surprise? We have had plenty of "controlled leaks" teasing us but we don't seem to be making any progress in discovering "The TWO". Is this the best kept secret by any campaign ever? Is it possible the VP doesn't know at this late date?

Will this forever change the way we introduce VPs? If for example Senator Clinton was chosen a "long" time ago does this show how easy it is to manipulate us through the media and blogs?

Was there ever a shortlist?

How much misinformation have we received since the "VP search"
started? In my opinion the Obama campaign has been masterful in how they have capitalized on the VP pick.

Are you 100% sure you know who he will pick at this late date?

When we receive the text message stating Senator Clinton or someone out of left field "meaning not on the "shortlist" is THE TWO then I think we will realize Senator Obama and his campaign are very different and that the bar has been raised. Checkmate

BTW in our last contest Jerome received 12% thrashing Biden and a host of others. (More pandering from PoliticalSlave).

Thank you as always for recommending. (more pathetic pandering)

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Clinton or Gore VP Who would you pick??????

Which VP pick would make you feel so calm, so cool, and so collected that you would go on a 10 day vacation? Who can offer
this kind of confidence?

Are we to believe that Obama hasn't decided yet? Didn't he say this would be his biggest decision before reaching the White House?

Is Gore a Hybrid? By that I mean is Gore old and new? Would Gore
give the general public more confidence than Clinton? I use Clinton because I believe she is the "Gold Standard"

Is Gore more "change" than Clinton?

Does Gore bring more Unity within the party than Clinton?  

I'm convinced the pick  has to be a "star" who requires no introduction. The question is which star?

Wednesday Night will President Clinton be introducing his wife or
Gore as VP?

We are one week from the convention it's time to get EXCITED. We have a great candidate. It may be 8 years before we can pick another VP and we might not be as interested in the pick. So lets enjoy it because in one week or less we will know.

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Okay you watch all the political shows and you spend too much time on MYDD. (Impossible) You are a political Guru!
So now it's time to stand up and be counted!

This isn't about who you want to win but rather WHY and WHO you think WILL win the VP spots for McCain and Obama.

The winner will receive nothing as usual except the prestige of saying I TOLD YOU SO!  (Please let it be me)

I will publish the winner's name once we know. If someone picks the same running mate then we will examine the second part of the question WHY and see who came closest to Obama's and McCain's explanation. If more than one person answers the WHY question the same way then I will judge them on how many times they Rec my diaries.

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Thursday August 21st Florida / Dream Team

I think it is safe to say Senator Obama will announce his VP choice next week in fact I predict it will be Thursday August 21st because on that day Senator Clinton will be in Florida. I'm saying this as a long time Obama supporter who has come to the conclusion that Obama has always considered Clinton the front runner because she will win the White House for him and us.

Like all on the "shortlist" she isn't perfect but damm close
 She offers Obama more Votes, Real unity, a fighter like no other, and vetted. As many of you know I think the Obama campaign has been planning this for awhile and really want to get the biggest bounce out of this surprise announcement.

When Clinton chose Gore the "bounce" was a staggering 11 points.
I don't know if we could get that kind of bounce but I'm sure we will receive historical media attention and all for free.

Announcing in Florida would be a perfect location to introduce the "Dream Team" The press would go crazy and of course on the weekend all the political talk shows will be talking about "How did we miss this"

On Monday the convention starts and the ratings go through the roof. Unity will be a reality not a catch phrase to the millions watching this. Chelsea will introduce her Mother on Tuesday and I predict Bill will introduce his wife on Wednesday. Thursday Obama will make a great speech and the ratings will bury the McCain/Romney ticket.

Lately the Obama campaign has been "giving in" to Clinton for example Florida and Michigan will have full voting rights at the convention. Now some kind of Roll call. Her own production team and the list goes on.
Hillary and Bill will have major roles and even Chelsea will be involved. Obama doesn't seem to be afraid of giving Senator Clinton "Carte Blanche" at all which fits with his "team of rivals" message..

Text messaging Clintons name will be explosive. You can't say that about any of the names mentioned on the "shortlist"
Clinton has an organization and a former husband who will fight for the White House and by choosing her the Clintons can't run against him in four years.

Clinton is the obvious choice for good reason she helps him in so many areas and they will make history by winning together and that's change we can believe in.

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Dream Team within Five days of Convention

Senator Obama is viewed in a very specific way. As a dreamer who has lofty goals. How did this young "inexperienced" unknown defeat the Clinton political machine? Why is this "dreamer" so close to the presidency? When asked about choosing his VP in May
Senator Obama replied " I'm a very practical-minded guy". I will choose the person who will will best help me win the presidency.
During the primaries it was all about math. Careful planning and an effective strategy was put in motion. No Drama just practical and diciplined. I would suggest everyone has had their eyes on Obama the idealist and not Obama the pragmatist.

If you want to hide something you should leave it out in clear view.
Senator Clinton has always been the obvious choice and for good reason she offers Instant Unity, Money, and more votes which means a better chance of delivering the Presidency. By choosing Clinton you instantly turn a rival into a supporter because as VP she can not run for the 2012 presidency. The Obama Political Machine is planning an elaborate strategy to guarantee the presidency as follows. Within five days of the Democratic convention Senator Obama will announce formally that he has chosen the "person who would have been on any one's shortlist", Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. This will create a media firestorm that will last through the convention and put an end to McCain/Romney and the Republican convention. On Tuesday August 26th aka "Hillary Night" Senator Clinton will talk about how far women have come and the "glass ceilings" shattered. (August 26th 1920 the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution became law allowing women the right to vote.) Wednesday President Clinton passes the torch to his wife again historical media ratings and Unity. Thursday Senator Obama will speak in front of thousands. This is political theatre at it's best but so practical and so effective. What kind of bounce could an Obama/Clinton ticket expect?  When Clinton chose Gore it was around 11 points. Why the charade because it creates energy, excitement, ratings, and enough votes to get Obama to the White House. Everything comes together by choosing Clinton. This would solidify his support among unenthusiatic supporters and the bonus is you get a fighter who can take a punch. Senator Clinton has never been "knocked out" She has inspired so many people including myself who only came to admire her as she fought on during the primaries. She just got better and better. By this one action Obama will clinch the presidency because this is change you can believe in. Clinton will be on a team of Rivals which I believe will include Hagel among others. She doesn't need any introducing and she has been vetted forever. This is a Master Stroke and we will win in one move. Check Mate

Note I removed this diary earlier in the week to work on.
Ratification of the 19th ammendment August 18 1920 and became law August 26th.

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Dream Team within five days of the convention!

As you know I broke the VP code a week a ago where I predict Obama has chosen Hillary as his running mate. On Tuesday August 26th will be "Hillary Night" (88th aniversary of a woman's right to vote) and on Wednesday President Clinton will introduce Hillary as Obama's running mate.

Senator Obama has always said Senator Clinton is on my short list. He has also mentioned that he is a practicle-minded guy who will choose a running mate that guarantees him a win.

We know that he has always admired the Book "Team of Rivals" about Lincoln and how he surrounded himself with enemies.

Senator Clinton is the obvious choice and for good reason. She can generate more excitement than all the VP picks Republicans and Democrats put together. This means votes and oh yea UNITY which is something Obama has always said he was effective at.

By winning the White House Obama is guaranteed a place in history. He will always be known as the First President to get a woman elected Vice president shattering the "glass ceiling" and I should mention Senator Clinton will not be able to run against him for 2012 if she is his VP.

Really which candidate could offer more? Can you imagine the media frenzy this will receive and all for free. When McCain announces his "historic pick" Romney voters will yawn

Haven't you noticed our "inexperienced candidate who is leading McCain by only a hand full of points is on Vacation for ten days. Why so cool? Because this is the Dream Team and this reflects his sound judgment and his vision.

UPDATE Dan Rather is announcing that Lanny and Donna were rehearsing Ebony and Ivory for Clinton's announcement. There's your proof!

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I sometimes wonder whether I'm dreaming because it wasn't that long ago we were talking about a 100 years or more in Iraq and that we would never sit down with the Iranians. Today I read we may be out of Iraq by October 2010 and that we will be opening up a diplomatic office in Tehran. Was it only a few months ago Senator Obama was criticized as naive in wanting a timetable for withdrawing our troops? According to the "experts"
we should never talk with our "enemies" this again showed poor judgment and inexperience on Senator Obama's part. Whenever I think of Senator Obama I think of "Soft Power" this is his strength and we need it now more than ever. Even before becoming President he is changing our foreign policy in a way that will save lives. This is true leadership the abilty to promote positive change that shows us at our best. My god some of the most gifted people live in this great country are we to believe that we can't figure out a way to get what we need without murdering innocent civillians?
In a matter of months we are talking about issues that few would dare talk about. We were told these are just words you've been drinking kool-aid to believe we can accomplish so much. As always the Republicans don't want us to raise the bar. Lucky for the planet Senator Obama isn't listening. I expect more of this once Senator Obama and his team of rivals takes command. Senator Obama is different from anyone we have ever had. He will show us again by reaching out to Senator Clinton as his VP and Chuck Hagel as part of his administration that this is someone who can inspire and demonstrate true leadership. The best is yet to come!

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Strategy Session When to announce our VP

If you were Senator Obama when would you choose to announce your VP pick? If the person is relatively unknown then wouldn't you want more time to introduce this person? Would you announce during the Olympics which by the way starts in two days and ends one day before the Convention? If he waits until the convention doesn't this mean we are talking about a "superstar" like Biden, Clinton, Hagel or Gore? Roland Martin has said that it will not be Clinton according to his sources. But I can't believe that because I broke the VP Code which proves Clinton will be chosen by "Hillary Night" didn't I?  When I observe Senator Obama I get the feeling he has an ace up his sleave. I cannot believe he is going to choose a "safe" running mate. He has stated that he will not choose someone to win a specific state. So the short list must be getting really short especially now that Bayh has stated he hasn't been asked. So when and who and why and where?.

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