FRIDAY: Sunshine and Stimulus Spending -- A How-to Guide

The $787 billion stimulus could be the greatest investment in low-income communities in generations. But with huge chunks of the money heading to opaque state and local governments, we may miss this golden opportunity.

So, this Friday, April 24, hundreds of the nation's leading policy and transparency advocates will join a "recovery briefing" conference call to lay out ways to force local governments to be more fair, more accountable and more transparent in their stimulus spending.

In "Achieving a Fair, Transparent, and Accountable Recovery" -- the second installment of the Demand Equity Now recovery briefing call-in series -- experts from the national and local levels will look at how advocates can ensure stimulus spending is open, honest, and equitable.

The one-hour call begins at 1 pm Eastern (10 am Pacific), Friday, April 24.

RSVP here

The call will feature

   * Gary Bass of OMB Watch and the Coalition for an Accountable Recovery
    * Sarah Mullins of ISAIAH
    * Dante Desiderio of the National Congress of American Indians

The call will be moderated by Judith Bell, president of PolicyLink.

Space is limited. Please RSVP by Thursday afternoon. Respondents will receive the call-in information via email later this week.

Got questions? You can email me directly at dan_at_policylink_dot_org.

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