New York State Senate, Pork, and You: A Pathetic Primer

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Rottenchester's back on the mic at The Fighting 29th, bringing you more tasty nuggets of news and analysis.  The latest is a great roundup of the NY State Senate's desperate attempts to hide their pork "Member Items".  Honestly, they're like my 5 year old daughter trying to lie her way out of having broken something:

The Albany Times-Union has been trying to get a usable list of member items since June. Their first request went to court and the court ordered release of the items. So both houses released a list with the legislator's names blacked out. The Times-Union went back to court, which ordered the release of the items with names included. In response, the Senate released a list of items as images in a "locked" PDF. This meant that it was impossible to search the text in the 3,000 page file, and cutting-and-pasting parts of the file was prohibited.

Why should you care?  Well, if you give two craps about accountability and open government, and don't want your state senator to vote against your interests then buy your love, this is kinda important.

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not only did the SS put password security

on those docs, then joe bruno flat out lied about, blaming the encryption on a "computer glitch".

uh huh. liar.

we were able to strip out the security and OCR the docs. the first batch, the docs from 2004/2005 are available on our site >here.

so they had to be compelled by the courts to release this stuff, then basically just scanned thousands of docs to .pdf, dumped them all on the day before Thanksgiving and did so with all those docs encrypted.

what an insult to those who they supposedly serve. what contempt.

by lipris 2006-12-03 10:02PM | 0 recs


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