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    stupid. read the title of this thread.

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    I am just getting SICK of the Obama campaign. They would whine about racism and now, violence,  where there is none.  

    The Obama campaign is politics-as-usual. Although so subtle, it is so disgusting and condescending.

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    I hate to mention the following (but wanted to preface this that just an amateur political observer, and taking advantage of this opportunity to converse regarding the current issues. Also, I am a strong Hillary supporter.):

    For all this net roots exuberancy, I wanted to remind you about that Ned Lamont's support from this so-called net roots. I also supported Lamont, I was taken over by the overwhelming support. I can't believe I supported and contributed to the guy, even though I am from California. Now, despite the excitement over the net, HE LOST!!! Will this happen to Obama?

    The world does not exist in a vacuum. The net world seems to think that b/c Obama supporters are  all here, he will win. Not a guarantee.

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    Yeah, let's it a rest. We are toast in the GE with Obama as the candidate.

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    Are you saying that because WV is a small state, then it should be discounted? In what big state did Obama win? PA, Ohio, TX, Indiana all rejected Obama.

    Obama cannot even win in key states.

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    Obama cannot win in the GE... The WV result is an embarrasing rejection by the voters of Obama and his style of as-usual politics.

    His politics is about automatic complaining and whining of racism whenever anyone points out his weaknesses.


  • I do strongly support Hillary. What is your problem. I just don't see the point of your statement.

    You are supporting a loser.

  • On the other hand, Kennedy might be trying to save Hillary. :-) An Obama ticket will be a LOSER in the GE.

    (By the way, did the MA voters listen to the Kennedy-Kerry endorsement? I recall Obama lost big in MA.)

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    The Obama campaign has been very effective - they had effectively made the election a racial divide. Everything that Bill Clinton said was racist, according to the Obama campaign. Bill Clinton's years as President was even suggested as worst than Bush's.    Very sad. In the last 28 years, we've never had the kind of prosperity that we had during the Clinton years. But, the Obama campaign has obliterated it beyond recognition. Very sad.

    Hopefully, this is not to the detriment of the Democratic Party.

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    you wrote: "If we have that many people in this country that vote and think like you then maybe we deserve to see this country go down the tank."

    Well, how about electability of Obama? Do you think we will win with him? A strong body of evidence is now showing that he will have a lot of problems to deal with. Hillry has some problems, but these have been vetted over and over again.

    Obama is not a proven entity. Sorry, but that looks like the case. Just on this Wright issue alone, his polls are sinking, I watched the movie Titanic, and what I saw was a dramatic sinking.

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    I think our discussion re: McCain is now irrelevant. See Jerome's great postings above. Polls are confirming Obama slide. Hillary is on the move!

    Good luck.

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    If Obama loses this election, then what?

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    How did you know that issues don't matter? Are you trying to belittle my intelligence. Obviously, of coure, you are an Obama supporter.

    The issues you mentioned:

    Iraq - Doesn't Hillary want to bring our troops home?
    Bush tax cuts repeal - We'll, as a related matter, did you notice how Obama is changing his poistion on the capital gains tax? 28%, but now it's 20%. He is taking Hillary's lead on this.

    Affordable health care - give me a break! When Obama was still voting "present" in Illinois, Hillary has been fighting for universal health care.

    Sensible supreme court - obviously, Hillary will not disappoint me on this.

    Women's rights - come on, do you doubt Hillary's stand on this? She owns this issue.

    Please don't respond in a threatening manner. If you want issues, speak issues.

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    Of course, I am a Democrat. Been voting straight Democratic since Dukakis.

    All the spin going around are just that, spin. Obama and his gang have been asking Hillary to bow out since practically after Super Tuesday. Obama has not been vetted as of that day. Yes, he was brand new, a breath of fresh air. It turned out, he got bad breath. (sorry for the pun.) Wright, poor judgment, weak, 20 years nodding in the pews, perhaps even jumping up and down, etc.).

    I think, a significant portion of us Hillary supporters will, unfortunately, vote for John M. should Obama become the nominee. Obama is toast. I  cannot see anything in his resume that will make me confidant he will be an effective President. I've been offered to buy the blue sky by Obama - I am not going to buy it.

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    hmmm... neither george nor charlie is a candidate.

    (a classic "shot down the messenger" tactic by obama  supporters.)

    by the way, someone has to compile all the responses of obama to his so-called "gaffes". for example:

    his reaction to the Wright controversy: ahh, just a crazy uncle...

    his reaction to the bitter comment: ahh, just a mangled speech...

    he trivializes everything...

    possible responses when he becomes president:

    economic problems: ahh, just temporary. i'll deliver a speech [i hope not a mangled speech...]


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