• they enact policies relative to:

    Gas prices, health care, education costs, retirement funding, day care, highway maintenance, tax cuts are some things that directly and personally affect people

    Look at how much Exxon donated to the Bush campaign in 2000, and look at what policies the Bush administration has effectuated as it relates to gas prices - tax cuts for Exxon and a failure to regulate the industry.  Hence, Americans were personally affected by the lack of public financing.

    Look at how much big pharma donated to the Bush campaign in 2000, and look at how the profits of big pharma have gone up while medical and pharmaceutical bills for individual Americans have gone up.

    Perhaps we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one, because it seems so simple and plain to me, I can't figure out why you're still debating this simple issue with me, and I find that I'm one of the few people on MyDD to give someone else credit or admit I was wrong.  So, again, agree to disagree would be fine with me.

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    The first thought that came to mind when I read this was the anthrax scare that appears to have been perpetrated by operatives in our own goverment against us, to push the USA PATRIOT Act.

    The second thought that came to mind was the claim that terror suspect, Padilla, was supposedly going to blow up a dirty bomb in an American city, but then he was put on trial and there was no mention of a dirty bomb.

    The third thought that came to mind was the fact that our own government was involved in sending spies into Africa to steal official government letterhead, and then fabricate it to look like Saddam was ordering yellow cake uranium from Niger, as an excuse to attack Iraq.

    Put them all together, and I can envision this whole thing being about the government planting nuclear materials on some poor schlub, and then telling all of us that guy was going to blow up New York City.

  • words.

    No one besides McCain & Obama are personally affected by Presidential campaign finance laws so this won't resonate with the public.

    You have no problem with candidates being beholden to lobbyists, mega-corporations, the pharmaceutical industry, big oil, etc., instead of the people?

    Everyone besides McCain and Obama is personally affected by Presidential campaign finance laws.

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    When you look at the Republican candidates from primary season, almost all of them took the caveman approach that a wife was to be seen and not heard - especially the most "christian" ones, like Huckabee, whose wife was not allowed to speak a single word during the entire process.

    Then, you look at the Democrats, and their wives act like... gasp... EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS!?!?!?!

    We had Elizabeth Edwards front and center.

    We had Michelle Obama front and center.

    We had Bill Clinton... ok we had a freaking woman almost win the nomination!!!

    Its funny.  Last night, I was watching CNN, and they had Larry Sabato on, and he said that the wives of the candidates should be seen and not heard, that they should just look pretty, that they should not discuss policy or feed the flames of controversy, that the more they are in the background as a trophy (my words not his), the more they help their candidate.  What a modern guy.  He's at the forefront of the nineteenth century!

  • tried to remove all TRs I gave in this diary, about five different times, and each time the page re-loads the Trs as still there.

    At least I tried.......

  • So I removed the TR for thread hijacking, even though he gave me an entirely 100% retaliatory TR - something for which I got a warning about this morning.  I wonder if he'll get one, too?

  • Either way, I've got to run to see an eight day old child's foreskin be sliced off.  Wish me luck!

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    In addition to Daily Kos, I won't return to:

    1.  Randi Rhodes;

    2.  Ed Schultz; and

    3.  Chris Matthews.

    Those I lost a lot of respect for and will frequest a lot less than in the past:

    1.  Stephanie Miller; and

    2.  Bill Maher

    Those I lost some respect for, but will frequent almost as much as in the past:

    1.  Thom Hartmann - he was one of the last to use his show to prop up Obama and push down Clinton.  He didn't do it that often, and he did it as respectfully as media propaganda can be done.  But it was still propaganda, it was still not evenhanded, and it was still wrong.  

    He disappointed me a bit, and I'll probably be less inclined to purchase any more of his books (at least for a while) as a result, but I'll still listen to his show.

  • on a comment on Obama and McCain to Media: STFU. over 6 years ago

    calling him a troll instead of contacting the admins to tell them he's acting like a troll.

  • Its ok.  Don't worry.  I stopped crying my fucking eyes out from the shame of being warned on an internet message board, and I think I'll be able to carry on in life, regardless of this scarlet letter I must now carry for eternity.

    Don't worry.  I won't troll-rate you anymore, loser.  You can stop crying now.  

  • As I stated, I am not the type to complain to Mom and Dad over a harmless TR here or there, like you have now proven yourself to be.  

    Nonetheless, I am also not concerned with what Mom and Dad would think of my conduct in this thread, as it relates to your conduct in this thread.  

    So, as they say, bring it on.  


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