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    In response to your inquiry regarding unions, I state the following direct response on the issue: Why did Barack Obama stay at a blame American first church for 20 years after learning it was a blame America 1st church? There. I have posted in accordance with Zonk's style on Daily Obama. I think I did a really good job of staying on topic, and I hope that answers your question regarding unions.
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    I haven't read the 305 comments above mine, in part because I haven't figured out how to display responsive comments in their entirety....

    Nonetheless, my take on this whole thing is as follows:

    If Obama's relationship to Wright does not show that he's in the "blame American first crowd" (which I don't believe he is), then it does show that he's just as shameless or even more shameless a politician than George W. Bush, John McCain, or anyone else willing to sell their soul to be elected (I do believe this).  

    Based upon my reading of Dreams From My Father and my knowledge of Barack Obama, it is my opinion that 20 years ago, Barack Obama was an ambitious young athiest looking to get into politics in the South side of Chicago.  

    He knew that athiests did not do well in politics anywhere, and that in the South side of Chicago, a black Christian church would be his best religious prop.  

    So, he started attending this church that would help pad his resume for political office.  He started pretending to believe that Jesus Christ was his savior, when he was only using Jesus Christ to get elected to local office in Chicago - much the same was another shameless politician, George W. Bush, claimed to be "born again" in order to win the evangelical vote.  

    After 20 years of living this lie, and even using his children as props on top of props in his lie (having them baptized at the church) the lie is now coming back to bite him in the ass.

    Does he admit he's been duping everyone in the South side of Chicago for 20 years, admit that he only attended the church to impress voters who live in the area, distance himself from Wright, and look like a huge phony who would do ANYTHING to get elected?  Of course not.  

    He's got to figure out a way to ride the fence.  He has to distance himself from the comments, without admitting he really doesn't believe Jesus Christ is his savior.

    PS:  This post written by a Jewish guy who has actually walked down the aisle at a Christian church at a friend's mom's funeral, walked to the podium, and tasted the "body of Christ" and "blood of Christ", just to see what the buzz was all about.  When I walked back down the aisle, the widower jokingly said to me "tastes like matzoh, huh?"  I had fun doing it, because it was a new experience for me.  I mean, how many Jews have tasted Christ?  But, I never felt the need to accept Christ as my savior.  It was what it was - an experience.  

    And that's how I think Obama views that church - a means to the end of achieving his politically ambitious goals.  Much like any other politician that came before him, regardless of whether his supporters think he's superchangerificdifferentfullofhopeandoh sospecial.


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