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    I'm not putting up signs or phone banking or anything, but I haven't done that for any other candidate in the past, either, so its not sour grapes or anything.  

    And that's part of the problem.  Now that we have a nominee, there's not as much to talk about.  And when dissent is stifled by the community, there gets to be even less to talk about.  

    There's a tendency for people here to think we need to post diaries for the benefit of undecided voters, when the target audience is actually Democrats.

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    old already knows too much and would probably talk back, too. :)

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    When are they going to ban him, and leave the place safe for people who don't even post any diaries of their own, but have plenty of criticism for those who do?  Don't they realize their role is to support Obama, and not to discuss things on the intertubes?

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    your oyster, libertyleft.  Enjoy it.  And everyone else enjoy it, too.  This place is far better with you staying and me leaving.  With your zero diary history, I'm sure that page views are going to go off the charts, Jerome and company will earn a hefty profit, and converation will be wild and exotic... while my diaries, more than ten of them since March, 2008 (not prolific but not loitering around the joint like you either) some with over 200 comments, will not be missed, because I'm the troll.

    Cut up my words, post them, and yell "hey, guys.  Look at what an asshole PJJefferson is" all you want.  This is your website.  Oh, I forgot.  You probably wouldn't use the word "asshole", because you're not the vile troll here.  

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    at Daily Kos.  Its something that has been building, and came to a head with the responses to my last diary, the loss of my rec/rate abilities (which I always thought others were being childish to complain about until I lost mine - d'oh!), and the fact that diaries are devolving into the sole category of Obama cheerleading, on a site in which roughly 100% of the members are already going to vote for Obama anyway.

    And you can still see it in the comments to this diary.  People are suggesting that I am simply unable to cope with the fact that Hillary Clinton lost, or that I should go to NoQuarter.  However, the race is long over and I'm voting for Obama.  Moreover, I've never visited NoQuarter, and I've only read Larry Johnson on Daily Kos and Huffington Post.  

    Its just that message boards that are full of the same message that we all already agree with get boring.  How many "we have to support Obama at all costs", or "we have to get McCain at all costs" diaries do you have to read until its time to take the summer off, especially when we already know we're voting for Obama.  

    That's what I mean by echo chamber.  We're preaching to the choir around here.  Diaries critical of Obama are far more interesting than diaries supportive of Obama, when you're already voting for Obama, IMO.  Unfortunately, most members here don't share that opinion.  They wrongly think that a bunch of undecided voters are going to come here, read a piece that is critical of Obama, and vote McCain.  As a result, many members here are encouraging the echo chamber.  

    Fine, they can have it, whilst I go swimming.

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    post on political (or other) blogs for a while, if at all anymore.

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    Stay classy, libertyleft.

    It was your McCarthyistic dissecting of my diary history (especially when you have no diary history of your own), in addition to your stalking of me, which pushed me out the door.  You can wear it as a badge of internet honor, for all the fuck I care.

    You're the perfect example of why I'm leaving.  Around here, its me that's considered any form of troll (of the concern variety, of course), while people like you, who hijack threads and stalk people who don't support Obama as ardently as you wish, are the ones that have actually ruined the environment and chased away good people.    

    When the definition of a troll gets turned upside down, its time to go.  


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    Daily Kos and here, as far as contributing, in addition to the progressive blogs I just read, such as talkingpointsmemo.com, etc.  

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    And thanks for being one of the better posters around here.

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    diary hijackers to my own diary.

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    diary.  Its just that I see so many MyDD members hijack threads so often, I figured I'd get banned by the admins if I didn't do my part and fuck up someone else's diary.  So now, I'm going to be a good MyDD'er.  I'm going to hijack threads like its going out of style.  Then, I'll get the khakis, and then the jobs, and then the women.  See, I've got it all planned out.  Except I can't seem to find that damned jade monkey.

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    a robe, don't you?

    I know I've said I don't like to run to the administrators, but now I'm wondering if I should, because your stalking is getting out a bit scary.  


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