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    comment history, see that you've been stalking me, and ban you.  What's your point?

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    Well, you're the actual troll around here,as evidenced by your stalking me ceaselessly for days until I decided to leave just to get away from you.  

    Just the fact that you have not been banned tells me that I don't have any interest in being a member of this site any longer.  Again, any virtual reality in which I'm the troll, and you're not, is not a virtual reality in which I wish to participate.  

    People, including hopefully administrators, can look at your comment history and my comment history, and judge for themselves who is stalking who, to the point where one decided to just fucking leave.  Then, they can decide for themselves who the troll is.  I encourage this wholeheartedly  But by then, it will be too late.  MyDD will be stuck with you, and I'll be gone.

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    Straight up lying about your diary history

    I know I'm only inviting you to ignore the diaries I was actually discussing from Daily Kos, and pull sentences out of other diaries from MyDD out of context, in an effort to get other MyDD users to dislike me, but what the hell?  I can take it.

    Have fun with it.

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    taking note of what you're doing to me, and are getting a pretty clear idea that you are an asshole that should be avoided, as opposed to a quality poster that should be engaged with efforts at educated and informed discussion.

    I can't possibly be the only one who notices you stalking me, and being so classless in my goodbye diary.  I can't possibly be the only one who notices that you keep responding to my comments to other people, with attacks aimed at trying to get other members of MyDD dislike or disrespect me.

    I'm sure others are taking note, and I believe that in your attempts to destroy my.. uh... username, you're really destroying your own.

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    character to each and every member of MyDD, one at a fucking time, will you?

    My comment was to Canadian Gal.  Why don't you show just a modicum of restraint and STFU?  Please?  Remember, I offered you money and everything!

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    negative because I'm a ranter, and my diaries contain rants about things that piss me off.  I don't write diaries to get discovered or to build a fan base to start my own website.  If it doesn't piss me off, it probably doesn't motivate me to take the time to write a diary.  

    My first diaries on Daily Kos were rants about the media.  The first diary was about about how the corporate media treats bloggers.  I read something, it pissed me off, and I wrote about it.  

    My second diary was about how the media covers Democrats (Castro endorsing Clinton/Obama ticket).  I was disgusted by the coverage, and ranted about it.  

    My third diary was entitled "Hey Corporate Media: Stop Blaming Consumers for Poison Toys".  Again, I read articles in the media blaming consumers for wanting cheap crap from China, got pissed, and ranted about it.  

    My next diary was about how CNN was carrying George W. Bush's water.  I saw something on CNN, it pissed me off, and well you get the point.

    My next diary was a rant about how Democrats in Congress are so weak and mealy mouthed, compared to Republicans.  I was pissed at Dems looking weak and not knowing how to deal with the media, and posted a rant about it.  This was in response to media reports I had seen which pissed me off, so I ranted about them.

    My next diary asked whether we should feel sorry for diplomats who don't want to go back to Iraq.  This was less of a rant and more of a subject for simple discussion - a comparison between diplomats and soldiers, etc.

    My next diary was about an ugly email I received in my neighborhood email group bashing "illegal immigrants".  It bothered me that someone used a neighborhood yahoo group to send that email, so I ranted about it.

    My next diary was a rant about how disgusted I was with the terror memo prepared by John Yoo, and the tactics used against certain suspects.  Need I say more about my disgust there?

    And then in January, 2008, when Markos flip/flopped and became an Obama propagandist and went out of his way to attack Hillary Clinton all the time, and the frontpagers and everyone else either fell in line or left, I started posting rants exposing how ugly the site was becoming.  

    Then, by March, 2008, right before the "writers strike", I GBCW from Daily Kos, and came here.  Understandably, I was upset at Daily Kos, and my first few rants over here were aimed at the site.  

    But I'm sure libertyleft will tell you all about my toxic toys and anti-torture diaries, while he spends all his time cutting up my words and trying to make everyone else here disrespect and dislike me.


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    While most people use this line as snark against other users, I really mean it when I say:

    Stay classy, Canadian Gal

    If more members engaged in respectful discussions like you, this would be a better place.  I like that when you disagree with someone or something, you calmly and rationally explain why, instead of posting cat pics, stating "is this snark", etc.  

    If more members responded to diaries they disagree with like you, there might actually be some decent discussion around here.  

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    joke at the fact that he's stalking me.  Just like you said your stalker was "creepy".  I just used more colorful language to describe how "creepy" it is to be stalked around here.  

    I suggested that perhaps libertyleft wants to wear my skin as a robe.  I think someone made a Silence of the Lambs reference at a BBQ I was at last weekend, and it stuck with me in the back of my mind, hence the comment.

    BTW:  No, you may not eat my liver with fava beans and a nice chianti!  Great, now I'm calling CG a serial killer, too?!?!?!

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    diary (not the GBCW diary, the one before it), but trolls like you responded by labeling me a "concern troll", and literally telling me to "fuck off and die".  I left Daily Kos as a direct result of how my pro-Obama diary was received by the community.  

    I'll wait for you, who accuses me of being a narcissist, to get the last word, as you, the alleged non-narcissist, seem hell bent on doing in every thread.

    Have at it, non-narcissist.  Get the last word for everyone to see.

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    broader point at the same time, in hopes that you wouldn't be the only one who read the comment.

    I agree that you weren't too harsh in your assessment.


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    I do find it curious, however, that so many people, like you, are so quick to label my discontent as being born from the disappointment that Hillary Clinton is not the nominee.  

    It must be so much easier for you and the others who have responded to this diary to label those that leave as being the problem, so as to avoid looking in the mirror.  That's fine.  If its easier for you and so many others around here, I'll shout from the rooftops that I'm leaving because I'm upset that Hillary is not the nominee, not because discourse around here sucks lately.  

    In closing, perhaps you should ask yourself why I didn't quit progressive blogs when my original candidate, John Edwards, conceded.  That's right.  This Hillary supporter voted undecided in Michigan, because I was a John Edwards supporter in January.  It kinda pokes a little bit of a hole in the theory that I'm taking my ball and going home because my candidate lost, I'm not a "real Democrat", and Hillary is all I cared about in the first place.  

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    blogger, and he's paid a full time salary by Markos to do so.  On the other hand, I post diaries to rant and comment in order kill time when I'm bored or don't have anything better to do, and I used to find this a fun place to do so, until recently.  Nah.  That must not be it.  It must be because much like you, Hunter is just the better person.  

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    Especially the way you were able to turn your bating me into losing my temper and as a result my rate/rec abilities, into a lesson in blogging as it relates to narcissistic personality disorders.  You, sir, are good.  

    Better than me.  

    I walk away in shame, knowing that I have been bested by one of the internets shining stars,  libertyleft.

    I'd say kudos, my friend, but I'm sure you wouldn't want someone who uses the word "fuck" to be considered your friend (walks away crying like a fucking baby).

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    Apparently, they condone swearing there more too, probably because Kos swears like a sailor.  

    I don't know, but I swear in my posts sometimes to make it sound more like casual conversation, and I get more gasps of righteous indignation around here.  Man, these guys around here would hate some of my friends in real life - many of whom are the real undecided voters in this country, btw.  


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