Where does this leave Moderate Republicans?

It's hard to believe the McCain team really believes they can poach many Clinton supporters by putting a Pat Buchanan pro-Creationism gun-toting Evangelical on the ticket, but clearly the Palin pick was geared to excite the extreme base.  In that sense, it is far from the maverick pick and is a complete sell-out to the part of the GOP that already has alienated many of the moderate wing who at one time saw McCain as their hope.  We've already seen Jim Leach and Eisenhower's granddaughter endorse Obama.  I wonder what the effect of this pick will have on other bigger names who have been sitting on the fence, names like Hagel, Lugar, Specter, and Colin Powell - people who have a working relationship with Obama already and are big supporters of Joe Biden. Could the desertion of a few of them from the GOP ranks move a couple of swing states into the Obama corner?  

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Senator Byrd's Endorsement

This goes beyond a mere endorsement and is of historic symbolism:

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What's Hillary's Answer?

I'm not for Hillary for VP but clearly there are a lot of people who are and it appears many Clinton supporters are very passionate about the idea.  My basic problem with the pairing is that she represents the polar opposite of Obama campaign, but I can see how he could immediately turn that weakness into a strength by simply stressing the unity aspect of his campaign and that reaching across the aisle also means reaching across the tent.  One of his managerial strengths is surrounding himself with strong opinions on all sides.  People can call Hillary a lot of things but a yes-man is not one of them.

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Goodbye Pennsylvania Firewall

Clinton has lost 10% in just two weeks, her lead in Pennsylvania has shrunk to just 6 points according to today's Q Poll:

Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, surging among younger voters, has cut Sen. Hillary Clinton's lead among Pennsylvania likely Democratic primary voters to 6 points, 49 - 43 percent, after trailing by 16 points just two weeks ago, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

This compares to a 52 - 36 percent lead for Sen. Clinton February 14...

Among likely Democratic primary voters, women back Clinton 53 - 39 percent, while men back Obama 50 - 43 percent; white voters go with Clinton 56 - 37 percent while black voters support Obama 69 - 23 percent. Democrats with a college degree favor Obama 53 - 41 percent, while voters without a degree back Clinton 52 - 39 percent.

This biggest movement is among younger voters who went from 52 - 41 percent for Clinton February 14 to 58 - 41 percent for Obama today, a shift of 28 points.

"Sen. Obama is closing in fast on Sen. Clinton in Pennsylvania, but it will probably be the voters in Ohio and Texas who decide what role the Keystone primary will play in the 2008 presidential election. If Sen. Clinton survives next week to fight another day, Pennsylvania could become the last battleground of the long Democratic contest. But an Obama win in Texas and Ohio would make it difficult for Clinton to halt her rival's momentum," said Clay F. Richards, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

http://www.quinnipiac.edu/x1327.xml?Rele aseID=1148

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Video: Dodd's Endorsement

This is quite a speech, pointed, strong, forceful, insightful, unifying, probably his best speech of the campaign:


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Chris Dodd Endorses Obama

Dear Friend,

We have been through a lot in this past year and your friendship and support have meant so much to me.  That is why I wanted to let you know of my decision to endorse a Democratic candidate for President - and that I have decided to support Barack Obama.

We all understand how much is at stake in this election and that it is more important than ever that we put a Democrat in the White House.

And while both of our Party's remaining candidates are extremely talented and would make excellent commanders-in-chief, I am throwing my support to the candidate who I believe will open the most eyes to our shared Democratic vision.

I'm deeply proud to be the first 2008 Democratic presidential candidate to endorse Barack Obama.  He is ready to be President.  And I am ready to support him - to work with him and for him and help elect him our 44th President.

Put simply, I believe Barack Obama is uniquely qualified to help us face this housing crisis, create good jobs, strengthen America's families in this 21st century global economy, unite the world against terrorism and end the war in Iraq - and perhaps most importantly, call the American people to shared service and sacrifice.  In this campaign, he has drawn millions of voters into politics for the first time in their lives and shown us that we are united by so much more than that which divides us.

That is why I believe the time has come for Democrats to come together as a Party and focus on winning the general election.  The stakes are too high not to.

The last seven years have been as difficult as any I can remember. More than ever, we need a President who will inspire us to take part in the political process and change our country's path.

Today, when we need it most, we are hearing a new call from Barack Obama.  And I hope you, like me, will answer it in the affirmative.

Please get involved in Barack Obama's campaign now: http://action.barackobama.com/


Chris Dodd

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"Si Se Puede Cambiar"

Great new viral video for Obama written & performed by Andres Useche. Directed by Eric Byler. Edited by Warren Fu.

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Feingold: I voted for Obama

From the Capital Times:

Sen. Russ Feingold said today that he voted for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama in this week's Wisconsin primary and indicated that he likely will vote for Obama's nomination as one of the state's "superdelegates" to the Democratic convention this summer.

"I really do think that at the gut level, this is a chance to do something special" for the nation, Feingold said, adding that electing Obama represents "an enormous historical opportunity for America and for our relationship with the world."

Feingold also floated a possible VP candidate for Barack: former Sen. George Mitchell.

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Huge Money Night for Obama

Obama's campaign has just crested 500,000 donors for 2008.  The counter is at 500,707.  That is a jump last night of over 32,000 new donors in less than 24 hours.  Coming on the heels of the announcement yesterday that he raised over 36 million in January and the enormous amount raised on Feb. 5th he is probably poised to beat his January figure in February.

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Hope Changes Everything


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