Obama 08 Videos w/ English AND Spanish Language Closed Captions [SFBO]

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We all know that the Democratic party is the "big tent" party and the party of inclusiveness.  I am proud to say that Senator Obama has once again taken the lead on a great Democratic issue and has made his campaign videos accessible to a greater amount of Americans than any current or former Presidential campaign.

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Meet Grant Herring; Let's Buy Him Lunch!

I apologize in advance for the long post but I could find no more concise way to explain the importance and significance of what Grant is doing.  I hope you will take three-five minutes to read this post

As you may know we have two primary goals here at Next Generation Democrats (NGD); supporting young progressive candidates and more importantly, assisting young staffers trying to get a start in progressive politics.

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Fox-News/Nevada Debate CANCELED!

Developing, diary to be updated as more info comes in.

According to Politico.com

The Nevada State Democratic Party is pulling out of a presidential debate scheduled for Aug. 14 in Reno, according to Democratic insiders.

The debate was being hosted by Fox News Channel and Fox News Radio, the Nevada State Democratic Party and the Western Majority Project.

Democratic activists have protested that Fox is not a suitable partner for the event.

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Iraqi's Want U.S. Out, When Will Rep Davis (VA-11) Listen?

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random side-note, we have raised $4615.01 towards our goal of raising $11,000 from September 26-30 for our final push before the financial report filing deadline, please Contribute today, and help us reach our goal

In a recent article the Washington Post Reports that Iraqi citizens want the U.S. forces out of Iraq and by vast majorities.  Tom Davis has voted with President Bush 90% of the time, including 100% of the time in regards to Iraq, when will Representative Davis listen to his constituents and Iraqi citizens.  Andrew Hurst, Democratic Candidate for Congress opposing Tom Davis has a Comprehensive Plan to withdraw our troops from Iraq.

According to the article...

In Baghdad, for example, nearly three-quarters of residents polled said they would feel safer if U.S. and other foreign forces left Iraq, with 65 percent of those asked favoring an immediate pullout, according to State Department polling results obtained by The Washington Post.

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Tom Davis (VA-11) Profits from War and Death!

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Hat-tip to Mosquitopest for giving me the idea to do this more in-depth research.

According to an article The 10 Most Brazen War Profiteers from Alternet.org there is some seriously fishy and potentially illegal stuff going on with the distribution of US Government Contracts relating to Iraq.

Tom Davis is the Chairman of the Government Reform Committee, it is his job to investigate such claims, instead, he does not.  He ignores these problems while at the same time taking political donations from said companies.  Below the fold is the dirty truth.

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Andrew Hurst Files Formal Complaint Against Tom Davis (VA-11)

Yesterday Andrew Hurst candidate for Congress (VA-11) filed a formal complaint with both the FEC and the House Commission on Congressional Mailing Standards.

Andrew Hurst claims that his opponent Tom Davis used the Congressional Franking Privilege for campaign and partisan purposes, at the taxpayers expense.

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Out of State (CT) Lamont Election night parties

Well, as we all know, Ned Lamont is fighting the greatest fight in the progressive movement as we speak.

Before I get to the election night parties, if you have a spare hour or too, please help out by doing some Virtual Phone banking with MoveOn.org all you need is to be able  to be on the phone and the internet at the same time.

However, After we win tonight, we all want to celebrate, right?

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My Time in CT

My time in CT has been exciting, people are amped up!!

Everyone seems to be in town, luminaries from MoveOn, DFA, and the blogosphere.  Websites such as Mydd and My Left Nutmeg have much better analysis, so this is just a survey of my experiences.

I am stoked, my prediction, Lamont wins by 8 points on Tuesday.

Follow me below the bump for details about my trip.

Special Thanks to Judy Epstein for housing me and my girlfriend for the weekend.

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Hurst: Tom Davis should resign from Government Reform Committee

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Just went over to Andy Hurst's (Democratic Nominee for VA-11) press conferance that Lowell had informed us about Now THIS Should be Interesting; Andy Hurst Slams Tom Davis in front of the headquarters of the ICG building.  Andy Called this press conferance together to call for Tom Davis to resign as Chairman of the Government Reform Committee.

Turn out was fantastic, there were about 75 people in the middle of a work day, with 100 degree weather.  There were some bloggers, some WaPo reporters and a bunch of volunteers and supporters.

I had orginally predicted that Andy would call for a criminal investigation into Tom Davis, instead he called for Davis to step down as chair of the Government Reform Committee.  I didn't take notes so don't have any quotes, but basically Andy went through and listed off all of Davis's corruption and said that the Chair of the Government Reform Committee should be investigating these acts, not perpetrating them.

I liked how Andy pointed out that the Government Reform Committee's Christmas party was paid for by lobbyist, DOH!

If you want Andy to help defeat Tom Davis this November


PS: If you wondering what caused all this ruckus, you can read about it here WaPo Front Page Article Exposes Corrupt Republican Rep. Tom Davis! (UPDATE)

WaPo Front Page Article Exposes Corrupt Republican Rep. Tom Davis! (UPDATE)

This morning, on the front page of the Washington Post was the following article Wife, Friend Tie Congressman to Consulting Firm it goes into detail about how Tom Davis is corrupt, while sitting as chair of the Government Reform Committee.

The article itself is about 2.5 full pages long.  So I will try and recap it here, along with the E-mail that I received from the Hurst Campaign.

Sorry about the cut-and-paste diary, but I am really under the weather here and needed to get this out, and Andy Hurst's press release really sums it up nice and includes his response.

Background:  Tom Davis is Chairman of the Government Reform Committee of Congress and has been caught lying about his money before, and today the Washington Post Exposed him being involved in a scam selling influence and access to certain firms represented by his friends firm for $1.1 million dollars in donations to him and his wife's campaigns.

Andy Hurst, Tom Davis's opponent in 2006, is running a campaign based on ethics reform in Washington (to note here, Andy won the DC Bar Association Lawyer of the year for community service)

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