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    Sweet Fucking Video
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    This Green Day video stopped me cold in my tracks when I first watched it.  I'm working on a small campaign were everyone makes less than minimum wage, so what do we do, we get all excited and convince ourselves we're giving history a nudge.  Watching this video was so emotionally moving that it was like a dunk in ice water, very moving.
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    Man, with all due respect, Nebraska State politics are freaking crazy.  In the same Wiki entry they have a unichamber legislature.  I always thought New Hampshire was the crazy one with 400 House seats in such a small state.
  • Now that's just freaky
  • It's pretty clear that adding "or do" is simply turning the question into a softball that she inevitably answer with "bring all the troops home".  I'll allow you to keep the "or do" in the question, but if the response is "bring the troops home now" please have a follow up along the lines of "it's pretty clear that Bush has no intention of doing that anytime soon, is there anything at all besides that, that would alleviate your pain even in the smallest way.
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  • Of course President Bush won't meet with her.  He has nothing to gain by meeting with her, and much to lose (particularly if cameras are present).  This leads me to believe that he will not meet with her.  If he does, no cameras will be allowed.  Afterwards Bush will say he saved the world and Cindy will disagree and life goes on.

    That being said, it is essential that we keep saying "meet with Cindy", CNN, MSNBC and FOX News gave a full segment coverage to Cindy today.  That's all netroots and Blogosphere power.  The media has had the opportunity to ask the "explain the noble cause" since the war started, and they have yet to do so.  They have never had the chance to say, why won't you meet with the mother of a dead soldier.  Guess what, they like asking the second question a whole lot more.

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    Is there actully anything that President Bush could say to make up for the loss of your son?
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    What exactly are they teacing at Republican National Convention workshops?  Keep sending us examples of this stuff.  Perhaps to prevent us from forgetting this stuff, post a running tally with links to previous posts detailing corruption, whenever a new scandal surfaces.
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    Let me begin by saying that if Blue Heart is not a Troll, he/she is the most self hating Democrat I have ever known.  Look at the diaries Blue Heart has written, and they are all negative.  Containing the same clause "this sucks, but we should talk about it"

    Ask Cindy, I am 99% sure that the people down in Crawford serve as a better support system than her blood family, and as has been cleary shown are more supportive of her life and actions.

    Assuming this story is true (and I'm not sure that it is), I can see this making a dent in Cindy's movement, most likely a small dent, but potentially huge.  I will not go into how I think this could be a big PR problem (per my first statement on post).  As far as being a small problem, FOX News watchers I assume already think of Cindy as a Joke (as opposed to the rest of the world) and having her family bash her on air will do little, or even perhaps give her a sympathy push in a positive direction.
      Who knows who cares until we hear what the family actually has to say, or lack there of.

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    Thank you for providing us with the link.
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    Ok, what are the real odds of Newt coming out of psuedo-retirment to run in 08?  I would compare that to putting BILL Clinton or Al Gore on our polls, yeah, great people love em, are they gonna run, probably not.  Just ask Michael Jordan what happens when you come out of retirement, it's never really the same.
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    Someone with better research skills should really look into this.  I have some basic facts, if someone could dig deeper we might be able to take out a super conservative.

    At some point during the 2004 election cycle ('02-'04) MZM oppened a major "inteligance" site in Goode's district.  MZM then got a big (if my memory is correct $23 million) contract from a subcommittee that Goode Chaired (he is also on the House appropriations committee).  Literally the very next day after MZM got this contract, the MZM PAC and all board members gave Goode the maximum allowed donation.  I went to school (UVA) in Goodes district and always fealt there was more to this story.  The Duke's downfall furthers my belief.

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    While I think Democratic hopefulls SAY the same thing about Iraq.  They will decide Iraq is "safe and secure" a hella lot sooner than Bush ever will.
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      Their description of the video is
    "Green Day tells the open-ended story of young lovers separated by circumstance"
    Absolutely amazing video BTW.  I hope the good folks over at MTV and Viacom decide to play it unedited.  Thanks for the link, it's already up on my blog.


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