• no chance Ney will ever drop.  Good to see Sulzer showing some teeth though, and Redfern got in on it too.

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    Do those puppies have the "paid for by Ney for Congress" box on them, cause I doubt it.  Can we file an FEC complaint about that?

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    Saves me from having to write a diary.


  • recomended

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    I wrote a brief diary about this a little while ago, check it out at

    http://www.mydd.com/story/2006/2/15/9531 6/9273

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    So, I live in the Washington DC area, is there anyway I can help the Ciro campaign?  I can make some calls, data entry etc...

    How would I go about doing that?

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    Please don't shoot me yet.  (hey is that Dick Cheney over there).

    However, as a rule for myself and my staff when I'm on a campaign.  The rule is always as follows.

    Read, Laugh, Yell, Throw Rocks, just don't touch the keyboard.

    That being said, candidates that I do support that I do not work or consult for are

    Joe Sulzer(D) OH-18  www.joesulzer.com
    Andrew Hurst(D) VA-11 www.hurstforcongress.com
    Ciro Rodriguez(D) TX-28  www.cirodrodriguez.com
    Paul Hackett(I)US Senate- OH www.hackettforohio.com

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    Let me apologize for all the crap you went through.  But more imprtantly, let me thank you for all the crap you went through.

    I've been working as a field dedicated campaign staffer for quite some time now, and fully understand your frustration with the party at the local level.

    I do however agree with you that the organization is getting better.  In fact, let me quote something from a Major Senator's (and '08 presidential hopefull) blog report to his staff and himself.

    from Red State.
    Krempasky post a link to the Democratic Party website that now provides tools for campaigns and candidates to make and manage fundraising homepages.  This in conjunction with previous services for online contributions like ActBlue have left Republican bloggers asking their party leaders "where's our sites and tools?"

    Granted, this is for fundraising, not field operations, we seem to be scaring the Republicans.

    Howard Dean started the 50 State Program in which the DNC hired and trained organizers in ALL 50 states.  This seems to be filtering down.

    I, as a campaign organizer, always encourage all my volunteers to join the local committees after the race and convince my candidate to turn over the volunteer database to the local committess.

    I think the problem lies therein, that campaigns and committees don't work together as much as they should, and needs to end today.


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    I like where your going with this.

  • Coudn't have said it better myself.  Thanks for beating me to the punch.

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    C'mon Chris.  Don't think that Sulzer has a chance to take out Bob Ney.  Assuming he stays on the ballot through November, that guy is done.

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    I coudn't agree more.  Let's get this seat back for someone who will actually sit in our Caucus.

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    The post article says "...[Ney] is trailing his two little-known Democratic opponents in internal GOP surveys".  If you get the print version of today's newspaper it very clearly says in the bubble next to the article "...party leaders favor Chillicothe Mayor Joseph P. Sulzer as the candidate"  This can be seen by contributions to Sulzer's campaign from both Leader Nancy Pelosi, DCCC leader Emanuel and ODP Chair Redfurn.

  • Sorry guys, realized that some of you from outside Northern Virginia might not know what I'm talking about.  Michael Golden said that he would roll back Gov. Warner's budget which provided an additional $51 million for Fairfax County schools.  His opponent, Dave Marsden www.marsdenfordelegate.com pointed this out in his education flier.  The Golden campaign responded with a crazy "stop attacking my family".  The logic being, I have an infant daughter who might someday in the future attend public school, and so your doubting my commitment to my daughters education (5 years down the road), so stop personally attacking my family.  

    He also told the right-wing gun nuts that he wanted to lift the ban on carrying concealed weapons in public schools - that's what makes this so fantastic.

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    The man who wants kiddies to carry guns in school isn't even allowed to carry one himself, that's fantastic.
    I wonder if the assault charge was caused by someone disagreeing with his politics and he felt that his family was being attacked and had to retaliate.


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