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    Meta is a termed used to describe analysis or discussion about the blog itself, a sort of "internal review" if you will.

    I might add, this is the greatest Meta thread I've read yet, on any blog.

    Not sure where the term comes from though.

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    F*CK can't seem to make it work,

    here is the link

    The Black Bush by Dave Chapelle

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    It's long (4 minutes) but try to make it to the end, it's the best part.

    For Example: "Black Bush" is explaining who exactly is in the coalition of the willing "England, uh, Japan is sending Playstations, uh, Stankonia is willing to drop bombs over Baghdad".  Great Stuff

  • I diary mostly to Kos, because I feel like I can write a gut-wrench reaction diary there.  When I feel like I have written a thorough thought out Diary, I will post it here as well.

    I must say though, (as I mentioned in other comments tonight), Kos gives you more feedback through comments, which always feels good so I usually go there first.  But when I really feel like I need to say something to the netroots or have something of value to add to the political dialoge, it gets posted here.  It seems to be working as my current diary is #1 on the rec list, and the previous one was front paged (that felt fucking awesome).

    But to answer your question, I post to both, Kos to just shake my fist at the Republicans, and MyDD to actually add to the discussion.

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    Most excellent tip, found out I'm 8935, was hoping for a lower number, but hey, it happens.

  • Many diaries on this site have so much research go into them that I feel like I have to do some research myself just to comment.

    But this same posting on Daily Kos had a few comments ranging from how great LTE's are to discussions regarding the chances of Andy Hurst winning this November.  Maybe it's because there are just more readers on Kos, who knows.

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    I'm a trusted user, but can't seem to figure it out.

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    While we're doing a little Meta, I have a question.

    (and I'm not trying to be a douche, this is a real question)

    This diary is currently the #1 on the rec list, including one from Jerome himself, and there are 15 votes in the poll, yet not one comment.

    Why do you think that is, I have actually noticed this before about MyDD there is little back and forth between diarist and readers.  I'm hoping to change that, so someone say something, and I'll get back at ya.

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    Tell me what you think.

  • Might indeed just swing an election.

    Problem with NOVA is that it is a day campus, but I will bring it up with the campaign folks next time I'm there to make some calls.

  • In the same poll you get this

    3. Davis Doesn't Break 50%
    Even when leaners are included in his vote total, Tom Davis fails to garner 50% of all likely voters.

    That means, that as of today (or a week ago when this poll was taken) over 50% where willing to vote for someone else, and we've only had a Dem Candidate for a month, Davis has been in for 12 years.

    I'm going to GMU next semester as a transfer, and have already been in touch with the President of the College Dems there.  I also know that one of Andy's field staff has been in touch with the President-elects of the YDA High School chapters in the district.

  • Use the comments, and I'll try to answer any questions (keeping in mind, I'm not actually with the campaign).

  • but in order to do that we would need a little loot.
    Andy has said to me that when he raises enough money he will buy a commercial with the video of when Tom Davis Subpoenaed Terri Schaivo.
    CONTRIBUTE here to get the message out about how big of a sleaze ball Tom Davis really is.
  • You're right, I also forgot to add in 2006 to his Money Grabbing.  So his total including '06 is $117,360.  I can't seem to change it now that it has been front paged.

    so, Jonathan or any other front pagers, if you could make the changes, that'd be great.

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    We need to get the word out the 11th district of Virginia about just how sleezy Mr. Davis really is.

    This is how you can help.

      1. VOLUNTEER.  Knock on some doors, make a few phone calls.  Might be a little difficult if you live outside the district, but I'm sure if you e-mail or call the campaign, they can hook you up with some virtual phone banking.

      2. CONTRIBUTE.  This might be a little bit easier then volunteering, and just as effective.  Even volunteers cost the campaign money in terms of Water Bottles, Highlighters, Clip Boards, Printing Walk packets etc...For $50, an entire precinct can be walked, chip in as much as you can.


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