• I just cancelled my $15 Monthly "membership" to PIRG, and upped my Democracy Bond by the same amount.  Glad I took the time to read this.

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    I saw this a few days ago.  Seems like they are giving their interns a little too much freedom over at the DSCC, I mean seriously, is this really going to win us even a single vote? or a single donation?

  • but the Virginia Blogosphere has been pointing out George Felix Allen Jr's middle name for a while now.

    Hell even Barbara Boxer refers to him with his middle name in her e-mails, great stuff.

  • it e-mails it directly to info@tomdavis.org and cc's it to his campaign manager.  So they are getting the message.

  • and I hope that other people do the same as well.

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    I also want to give him a nod for the Netroots page,

    (my Previous Comment detailing why Andy should be on the combined fundraising page)

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    I was a little disapointed.  It is one thing for a Senator to use a nonsense word to describe an opponents volunteer.

    It is another thing alltogether to have a Senator from Virginia with a history of potentially racist behavior (having a noose and confederate flag in his office) call a minority a monkey and to "welcome to america" someone born and raised in Virginia.

  • Can I third the Nomination?

    Per my comment down thread Andy Hurst meets all of the criteria set forth by Bowers in this post and by DavidNYC of Swing State Project in this post

    Andy has even done a few live blogs, not on daily kos tilting at the wind mills of the national netroots, but on local blogs such as Virginia Progressive Here, he has also hosted a Democratic Reunion Event (offline organizing) and won the endorsement of the Progressive Democrats of Virginia in the primary, he is the real deal, I hope that Bowers, Stoller, DavidNYC and Markos take a real look at Andy Hurst

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    Andy Hurst out of VA-11, www.hurstforcongress.com

    Let me go point by point on why I think Andy should be on the netroots page and why he fits ALL of the criteria to be on the page.

    1.Andy is running against GOP incumbent and class of '94 Rep Tom Davis.

    2. Tom Davis has become a poster boy for corruption, while serving as the Chair of the Government Reform Committee.

    3. Andy's district voted for both Kerry in '04 and Kaine in '05.

    4. There is a strong Virginia blogosphere already in place, ie. raisingkaine.com, notlarrysabato.typepad.com, and many more

    5. The campaign has shown both grassroots and netroots outreach, gaining the endorsement of the Progressive Democrats of Virginia in the Primary, and recently putting up a speach that Andy gave on YouTube and placing it on it's homepage.

    6. Larger picture here of both Virginia and Culture of Corruption. Tom Davis has lied about receiving oil money and was caught Tom Davis Lies about OIL MONEY and Gets BUSTED!!!and recently the Washington Post wrote a front page article detailing Tom Davis's influence peddling scandal Also, there is the fact that this is in Virginia, helping Andy could create synergy for Jim Webb, and let us not forget that Bush only won Virginia by 8 points, without any Democratic campaign at all, and Kaine was able to win the Governorship, the Commonwealth really wants to be blue.

    7. As far as the partisinship test, Andy Passes with an A+, two days after the Davis scandal broke, Andy held a press conference calling on Tom Davis to resign as Chair of the Government Reform Committee, he proudly prints "Democrat for Congress" on all his signs, bumper stickers, lit, etc...and best of all, he talks like a regular person, because he is. He's a first time candidate who won the primary against the 2004 nominee (sleepwalker) and has already raised FOUR TIMES (75k, vs 300k) the amount that the 2004 nom. raised through Nov.

    Additionally, this race has not been targeted by the national party yet, but it deserves to be, and I ask the Netroots to pick up the slack. Not only has Tom Davis become vulnurable, but even the WaPo wrote an article titled "Now, a Word About the Invigorated 11th District Democrats"
    when the Davis loving WaPo sends props to our little army of volunteers and supporters down here, you know your making some noise.

    (for the record, don't get paid to work for Andy but have been volunteering 3-4 days a week now, and sit in on strategy sessions and the such).
    for more info e-mail the campaign at info[at]hurstforcongress[dot]com

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    I think that Joe just never realized that this campaign was going national and didn't pay for enough bandwith.  i.e. his tubes are too small.

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    of a centralized Ned Party diary, hit the Rec button so it doesn't get lost in all the Nedmentum today.

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    (Joe that is), it seems as if his whole campaign is 18 years behind all the lessons learned in campaigning.

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    based on the following comment in this post, I am upping my prediction back up to it's original level, 8 points

    The mood is calm and smooth, which is totally unusual for a Democratic field campaign.  The field offices are mostly organized and working like clockwork.

    If the field staff on a campaign does everything right, then election day tends to be boring (at the office at least), just making a few phone calls in between volunteer shifts, cause you did everything else ahead of time.

    We're gonna win

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    Lamont by 7.  But that's just me, we'll see what happens.

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    Keep on Rockin in the free world girl.  I can say that I saw with my own eyes how huge of an assett you were to the campaign.

    Maura is how bloggers helped, not necesarillay by writting about the race, but by ponying up and heading to CT.

    Have a pint for me on Tuesday night.

    If you live far away from CT and want to help out, you can always Virtual Phone Bank with MoveOn.org
    They give you the list, and the script, it's great, I'll be calling for a few hours later today, and I hope everyone else will take a shot at it too.


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