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     First time post on mydd.com.  My friend is the assistant financial director for Hackett and for the past week or so has been calling me to do "opposition research".  I simply checked the blogs and forwarded the info, they loved it down there so thanks for all the comments from everyone.  Even though my friend is currently at the Hackett party, she is again calling me for the numbers and info, I second the notion that mydd has the best election coverage.
      On a seperate note, looking at the official OH-02 map, there seem to be parts of Clermont county (western side) that seem to urban.  Would it be fair to assume that the more densly populated a precinct is, the longer it will take to count the votes, those leaving the stragler precincts in a more Democratic demographic?  More importantly, can anyone tell me how 50% of a county reports at the exact same time, and how the other half sits around waiting?
    PS does anyone have more details on those "voting iregularities?


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