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    Vote Hillary 2008, we don't agree on much, but on this we agree.  The Ragin Cajun is absolutly fantastic.  The fact that he stays active (such as being the featured speaker at a $1,000 a plate Hackett dinner) makes him all that much greater.
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    right right, I completly forgot about them not having as much say when it comes to cable.  I agree that they should stay away from cable and satellite, just assumed they were already there and we should use them to our advantage.  Thanks for the correction.
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      Someone correct me if I'm wrong but it seems to me that what pissed off Mr. Novak was Carville mentioning a particular name.
      From what I can decipher Carville says something along the lines of "show the right wingers he's got back bone, show (laura page??) is watching, show her your tough"
      Did Novak freak out because he was "outed" as having an affair?  Obviously this is all speculation so don't go telling Karl Rove just yet, but can anyone else listen to the tape and tell me what they hear?
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      How did Novak get a full time job at CNN?  I mean, his Crossfire and Inside Politics "debater" roles are perfectly understandable as he is cleary under the red flag. (does anyone else find it wierd that both republicans and they're arch enemies the communist both like the same colour?)  What I was always concerned about was his random appearences on "news" shows where he was acting as an unbiased commentator.  Think CNN would get away with hiring Al Franken to read the nightly news?
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      What are the odds that we can get the FCC to fine CNN in order to drum up some MSM publicity about him.  Love the Daily Show snag.
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      Havn't heard much on the blogoshpere about this, thought I'd throw up for discussion.  It's a Washington Post article titled: Gingrich Says Ohio Race Holds Lesson for GOP.  http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/08/03/AR2005080301899.html
    (yeah I forgot my HTML sorry about the direct link).
      In any Case, it goes on to say that Gingrich thinks that maybe this is an indicator that we can do in 06 what he did in 94, here's a hoping.  Towards the end of the article it points to the importance of the blogosphere in Hackett's campaign.  Personally, I think that this special election had a unique convergance of situational causes that cannot be repeated again.  It's a great sign for 06, but only as a momentum builder, not as an early test.  http://pitin.mydd.com/
  • end of second paragraph should read: "I am a Democrat you are an SOB" and...40 point turnaround from 04.  Not 94.  My bad
  • With all this talk about who to run in 08, I merely want to chime in.  The 1990's Democratic "Run to the Center" Clinton inspired policies destroyed the party in order to get one man elected president.  It was great for Clinton, but after his two terms were up, we were left with a party that was trying to cover up it's own identity to get the 5% of the electorate that are swing voters.

      Perhaps this is over simplification, but let's look at some 'facts'.  Starting with Gingrich in 94 and continuing through Bush II-Rove Et. All, the Republicans are not only proud of being Republican they overcompensate and end up running "super-Republicans", and guess what, they WIN.  Example #2 Hackett: We all know what happened here, He said "I am a Democrat you are an SOB" and...40 point turnaround from 94.

      When you run to the center, you inevitably end up trying to hide the "base" of your party from the media and "target voters".  Imagine here a parent with a favoured child that is always being shown off while the "bad" child gets locked in his room when guests are over.  Guess what, under centrist leadership WE are the ones locked away.  I can't speak for anyone else, but I can imagine that said "bad" child has little if any motivation to help out the parents when needed (the parents here being the Party and centrist candidates)

    To fully develop my thoughts here would take far too long so everyone here please respond on my logic (or lack thereof) instead of the assumptions.

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      I do not think that nothing was gained or that the election results are meaningless.  I agree that there were tons of lessons learned.  Most importantly, the way to win elections is to be proud of being a Democrat not the centrist apologetic Lieberman types.  I think the Clinton inspired "run to the center" 90's destroyed the party, but that is another post.
      What I merely am asking is how much of the gains in OH-02 were natural (i.e. an electoral backlash against Bush) and much was Hackett specific.
      I should also note that I purposefully left out the Coingate/Noe and the Taft/OH-GOP scandals as I believe the Plame/Rove affair and Delay scandals will develop enough to offer similar effects nationally.
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      To add to the thread.  How is it that 100 precincts reported all at once well into the night.  Then all of a sudden, the other half reports at the same time (with said webpage "malfunctions").  Was there a delay in the Clermont BOE that caused them to release numbers in batches, or has anyone heard any reasonable explanations?
      More importantly, there have been rumors of videotapes of Schmidt BLATENLY breaking election laws by campaigning inside a polling place, has anyone heard of any feedback about this?
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    From a local ABC affiliate, video clips of Hackett's and Schmidt's speeches (or pieces of said speeches).  From what you can see of Hackett's, he is definately looking like he's just getting started.  We need to get other politicians to publicly ask Hackett to stay stateside and fight for democracy here.  It's the only way I see that would allow him to "get out" of his statements suggesting he's going back to Iraq.


  • DC won't get voting rights in congress because it votes 80% for Democrats.  This being said, Republicans would never allow it.  Either both houses of Congress and the President will have to be a Democrat, or there might even need to be a constitutional amendment making it even harder.  But yes, all Democrats should support DC voting rights for the above mentioned reasons.  Why do you think DC voting rights was a recurring notion in Boston 04 and not NYC 04?
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      I've read quite a bit about a videotape someone took of Schmidt inside the polling place.  I passed this info on to someone at the campaign and pretty much heard "yeah, that'd be fun to have during a recount." and in a resigned kind of way, brushed the whole thing off.  SOMEONE FIND THIS VIDEO then send it to the campaign and MSM.  Kerry conceded WAY to early.  I think the calls for a recount might need to wait until the provisionals are tabulated, but if they put a plus in the Hackett colum, I call for a recount.  (anyone have any numbers about provisionals floating around out there?)

    Dare I said we gave the OH GOP blue balls tonight?

  •   I agree.  I don't regret a single dime of the money from my "drinking fund" that I misapropriated for the Hackett campaign
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     First time post on mydd.com.  My friend is the assistant financial director for Hackett and for the past week or so has been calling me to do "opposition research".  I simply checked the blogs and forwarded the info, they loved it down there so thanks for all the comments from everyone.  Even though my friend is currently at the Hackett party, she is again calling me for the numbers and info, I second the notion that mydd has the best election coverage.
      More importantly, can anyone tell me how 50% of a county reports at the exact same time, and how the other half sits around waiting?
    PS does anyone have more details on those "voting iregularities?


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