• As a native Spanish speaker and with ties to the deaf community I am very happy to see the Obama campaign reaching out to these communities in a very simple way (not much work required) but in a very real and direct way that allows them to get our message directly.

  • For your support.

    I was in Ohio in 2004 and agree 100% that Democrats need to play harder (but always within the rules)

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    Yes, this diary is a blatant ask for money, and I'm OK with that.  Our movement and our Party are HORRIBLE at incubating our youth and while NGD won't be able to fix that problem, perhaps we can chip away at it 3-4 staffers at a time.

    But I wanted to take this opportunity to ask the MyDD community your thoughts regarding the issue of fostering our younger ranks (I myself am 24, so clearly my opinion is a little biased).

    This subject was touched upon in "Crashing the Gates" and various other publications, but what do you guys think about it, let's discuss.

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    But I'd say that we have the Potential for a longer primary season not in spite of, but because of the fact that the States are all moving up to be part of the National Primary on Feb 5th.

    As of now (no telling which other states will move up by then), there are 12 states scheduled for Feb 5th including the three big ones (Texas, New York, California).  On Feb 5th over 1/3 of the pledged delegates will be chosen.

    So what happens if Feb 5th is split (as can very likely be the situation if there is no clear leader heading in)?

    In years past a close second or third place finish on Super Tuesday would have been more then enough to toss in the towel and call it a day, but I don't think that will be the case this year because of money.

    With so many states voting on Feb 5th, it will be interesting to see which candidates gamble it all on that day, or which candidates place some resources in the early second wave states like Virginia, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

    So, here is the scenario that I envision could draw out the race....
    A close second or third position candidate coming out of Feb 5th that has field ops in 2 out of the three races above and $20 Million still in the bank (see Q1 numbers to see why this is possible).  I see that candidate sticking around for a few more weeks and taking a shot at VA, TN or WI.  What if they win two of those states and catch up with the leader?

    So there you have it, a ridiculously long comment with more "if's" then a Presidential Signing Statement, but it could happen, and it would be exciting.

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    It's the Normandy Beach of taking back the South!

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    I hope that ActBlue goes live in all 50 states and DC, and that we take back the majority in Virginia in 2007, that's right folks, campaigns are already in high gear here in the Commonwealth, throw us a bone.

  • for those that don't know,

    Jeanmaries Devolites-Davis is a state senator in Virginia, and is up for reelection in Nov. '07.

  • Thanks for your support (I'm the Exec. Director of NGD)

    I just wanted to say thanks and respond to this

    I met many kids working on a campaign this year, that never were into politics, but finally had enough.

    Every year I am surprised all over again at all the new young people involved, it's fantastic.

    It's also hard, my first two campaign jobs I was paid $1,000 and $1,250 a month respectively.  If my parents woudn't have been able to help me out financially, I would have had to go into the private sector, and that is the dilema we are trying to prevent for other young staffers just starting out (and at the same time, subsidizing progressive Democratic candidates)


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    If you plan on working on a campaign in 2007 or running for office in 2007 be sure to e-mail us at ngdpac@gmail.com, we are looking for people to give our money away to!


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    And also remind people that there is still one more race to win.

  • I wonder what else will come out in a few days.

  • Perhaps one of the best "Research Diaries" I've read.  Worthy of a bump? I'd say so.

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    I hope this makes the Rec list so more people see it.

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    Will there be future segments, or is this a 3-part series?

  • since you run the site now.

    But always thought that MyDD readers were insterested in hearing stories about Dems fighting back against dirty Republicans, maybe better for a Breaking Blue as opposed to a full diary (but I clearly don't have access to that, so a diary was my only way to get this info out).

    As a side note, as user Paradox13 pointed out over on Kos

    Incidentally, it sounds like Candidate Hurst has read the memo over at myDD. He's picking a fight, and it's a good one.

    Let me know if you want this deleted, and why it bothered you so much that it was posted on MyDD.


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