Sulzer to Take on Bob Ney in OH-18

It has become evident that Joe Sulzer will be the Democratic Nominee in OH-18 to take on Bob Ney and I call on Zack Space to resign and save the party a costly primary.
It has become clear that Joe Sulzer is not only the DCCC but also the ODP and in district choice to take on Bob Ney.  Some of Space's supporters have been trying to muddy the waters as seen here but the reality is Sulzer is going to win this campaign hands down.

A quick summary from the last FEC filings.
Sulzer Info:
    In this period alone Joe has raised 170696.08
    Cash on hand this period is 222418.01
       Contributors include: Attorneys, small business owners, elected officials, nurses, and farmers.  In fact about 64% of Joe's money comes from the OH-18 District.  However, Joe has also received contributions to his campaign from other candidate committees such as Congressman Rahm Emanuel, Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Congressman Tim Ryan.  In addition to all this Joe has also received contributions from local candidate committees such as the Nichols for Sheriff Committee.  Joe's finance report also gives credibility to the rumor that Sulzer has the backing of the Democratic Party, inferred mostly by the contributions from OPD Chair Redfurn, DCCC Chair Emanuel and Leader Pelosi whose PAC contributed 10, 000.00 in December.   Joe has also received contributions from the United Steelworkers PAC.

Space Info:
    In this period Zack Space has raised: 74207.49
    Cash on hand this period is 69001.11
     Debts owed: 15,450.00.... labeled in the filing as "photocopier lease" Damn that must be a ridiculously amazing copier.... Please notice the 15 THEN the comma.  
After seeing that, I again call on Zack Space to pull out of the primary so that we can focus on taking back the House for Dems, not fighting each other, in primaries with inevitable conclusions.

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Re: Sulzer to Take on Bob Ney in OH-18

Sulzer is going to beat Ney.  Lets get these primaries done with and get busy tearing down these vulnerable Republicans!

-Displaced in NY

by Jerzy 2006-02-06 02:15PM | 0 recs
Re: Sulzer to Take on Bob Ney in OH-18

Primaries got done with after people have voted. A friend of mine is from the district and he's wild about Sulzer. I don't know anything about the other challengers but I understand that Sulzer doesn't support women's right to choice. Is that true-- or do I have it wrong?

The fact that he is supported by the DCCC not only doesn't convince me that he's the right guy to represent the Democrats, it makes me suspicious (although the DCCC sometimes gets behind solid grassroots candidates, usually only when they have no alternative). Do us a favor and tell us about Sulzer's ideas and positions and record instead of just some DCCC verbiage that attempts to stampede everyone into supporting their choices and making it feel like it's inevitable.

My friend knows Sulzer personally and he vouches for him and tells me that even with some unprogressive ideas, he's a stupendous candidate overall. Obviously I want to see a Democrat take on Ney and kick his corrupt, criminal ass. Until the primary is over, it's an open question about who that should be. Primaries are not a waste of time; they are a valuable way for candidates to air ideas, get voter feedback, and prepare to battle against the real enemy-- in this case, one of the worst scumbags in the whole Congress.

by DownWithTyranny 2006-02-06 03:26PM | 0 recs
Re: Sulzer to Take on Bob Ney in OH-18

Being involved in elections and local politics here in the 18th of OH, I don't think that Space should withdraw from the Primary Election just because the ODP & DCCC are backing Sulzer. I see Sulzer as just another Washington insider, not as someone who will connect and work for the people of this district.

I did find it interesting that Sulzer has invested $100,000 of his own money into his campaign. Not a wise move....he should have "loaned" it to himself, so he could have at least paid himself back in any event.

I have personal knowledge of Sulzer stating at a county democratic club meeting that he worked by a former lobbyist and would do what he could for said lobbyist. Sounds like Bob Ney with a D on his voter registration.

It's definitely time for a change, not more of the same.

I'm backing Zack Space.

by Jeanie out of the bottle 2006-02-18 06:46AM | 0 recs
just amazing

i just got done reading another diary about this race. i live in ny and saw this race as possible dem pick up. i am totally amazed at the democrats in ohio. what kind of morons are you? i mean as if your stupid lets bash the guy that is going to beat a republican united states senator isnt dumb enough you have nothing better to do than this? i feel sorry for you. what so obvious, and worse, is that you Pitin and your friend Rosencrantz obviously work for or are closely connected to another democrat in this primary. im disgusted.

by kpalmi 2006-03-03 02:58PM | 0 recs


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