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We all know that the Democratic party is the "big tent" party and the party of inclusiveness.  I am proud to say that Senator Obama has once again taken the lead on a great Democratic issue and has made his campaign videos accessible to a greater amount of Americans than any current or former Presidential campaign.

A few days ago, Senator Obama's campaign became the first Presidential campaign to provide campaign videos with both Closed Captioning and Spanish language subtitles.  Allowing an unprecedented number of Americans to take note of our message for change directly from Senator Obama himself.

This comes as no surprise to me, every time I have seen Senator Obama speak he has had ASL (American Sign Language) interpreters on stage with him so that our supporters from the deaf community could actively participate in our campaign.

There are more videos and releases to come in dual-language as well.

From the campaign

The Obama campaign is the first campaign to find solutions to make online video and policy announcements available through closed captioning.  During the weeks and months ahead the campaign will make available additional videos in both English and Spanish captioning.

There are 10's of millions of Americans (students and adults) whose first (and primary) language is ASL or Spanish and there is no reason why ALL campaigns should not be reaching out to them.  I am very proud to be associated with this movement that is actively reaching out to them.

Currently these videos are LIVE at www.barackobama.com/closedcaptioning or www.barackobama.com/espanol/tv/.


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I'm excited about this

As a native Spanish speaker and with ties to the deaf community I am very happy to see the Obama campaign reaching out to these communities in a very simple way (not much work required) but in a very real and direct way that allows them to get our message directly.

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