Hurst: Tom Davis should resign from Government Reform Committee

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Just went over to Andy Hurst's (Democratic Nominee for VA-11) press conferance that Lowell had informed us about Now THIS Should be Interesting; Andy Hurst Slams Tom Davis in front of the headquarters of the ICG building.  Andy Called this press conferance together to call for Tom Davis to resign as Chairman of the Government Reform Committee.

Turn out was fantastic, there were about 75 people in the middle of a work day, with 100 degree weather.  There were some bloggers, some WaPo reporters and a bunch of volunteers and supporters.

I had orginally predicted that Andy would call for a criminal investigation into Tom Davis, instead he called for Davis to step down as chair of the Government Reform Committee.  I didn't take notes so don't have any quotes, but basically Andy went through and listed off all of Davis's corruption and said that the Chair of the Government Reform Committee should be investigating these acts, not perpetrating them.

I liked how Andy pointed out that the Government Reform Committee's Christmas party was paid for by lobbyist, DOH!

If you want Andy to help defeat Tom Davis this November


PS: If you wondering what caused all this ruckus, you can read about it here WaPo Front Page Article Exposes Corrupt Republican Rep. Tom Davis! (UPDATE)

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He is tying Davis to Bush, while at the same time, saying that Davis in and of himself is enough to boot.

by Pitin 2006-08-01 01:30PM | 0 recs


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