Extremists Try to Organize in South Dakota

MyDD'ers, they are gathering the troops, and we need to respond in kind.

There is no doubt that the crazies in South Dakota that passed the abortion ban were shocked when 38,000+ signatures were turned in by registered voters saying "NO More" and calling for the repeal of HB 1215.

It seems that they have made an all-star team of nut jobs to attempt to defend HB 1215, including but not limited to Unruh, Hunt and Bob Fischer, the South Dakota Family Policy Council, Right to Life and Concerned Women for America.

We need to stand up to fight them back into submission.

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Below the fold is the press release put out by the extremists.  You'll note that they have attached phone numbers, feel free to call and ask them why they want women to die...

Bi-partisan Statewide Coalition Organizes to Defend Life and HB1215

South Dakotans for 1215

June 2, 2006

South Dakotans representing all walks of life from all over the state announced today the filing of a bi-partisan ballot question committee with the Secretary of State.

South Dakotans for 1215 was organized to defend HB1215, The Woman's Health and Human Life Protection Act, which was passed by a bi-partisan majority of the 2006 South Dakota Legislature and signed into Law by Governor Rounds.

"This committee will mount a vigorous education campaign to defend this pro-life law against the abortion on demand forces gathering to defeat it," said State Representative Kathy Miles (D-Sioux Falls),

"On principle, an overwhelming majority of South Dakotans describe themselves as pro-life. On Election Day in November pro-life South Dakota voters will be proud to support the Woman's Health and Human Life Protection Act because it publicly affirms what a majority of South Dakotan's privately believe."

The Woman's Health and Human Life Protection Act would stop abortions in South Dakota except in cases to save the life of the mother. "The 'morning after pill' will still be widely available in South Dakota under this Act for use by any woman and most importantly women who are the victims of rape or incest," said Representative Miles.

South Dakotans for 1215

"South Dakota's pro-abortion forces would like voters to think that this law doesn't provide woman a rape or incest exception. That is simply false. Section three of the Act clearly and explicitly provides for 'use, prescription, administration of a contraceptive measure, drug or chemical, if it is administered prior to the time when a pregnancy could be determined through conventional medical testing.' In plain English this means that the 'morning after pill' is available to women who choose to use it under this law," said Representative Miles.

Founding coalition members of South Dakotans for 1215:

Dwight Beukelman, Sioux Falls; Kayla Brandt, Sioux Falls; Eileen Burkholder, Rapid City; Allen Carlson, Rapid City; Robert Fischer, Rapid City; Cindy Flakoll, Forbes, ND (Concerned Women of America); Representative Mary Glenski, Sioux Falls; Sharon Gray, Vermillion; Representative Brock Greenfield, Clark (South Dakota Right to Life); Representative Phyllis Heineman, Sioux Falls; Representative Gordon Howie, Rapid City; Representative Roger Hunt, Brandon; Steve Jankord, Sioux Falls (South Dakota Family Policy Council); Rory King, Aberdeen; Representative Elizabeth Kraus Munro, Rapid City; Wes Labrier, Union Center; Jim Miles, Sioux Falls; Representative Kathy Miles, Sioux Falls; Representative Al Novstrup, Aberdeen; Dr. Don Oliver, M.D., Rapid City; Sylvia Rhoden, Union Center; Dr. Glenn Ridder, M.D., Sioux Falls; Linda Schauer, Leola (Concerned Women of America); Dr. John Stransky, M.D., Watertown; Dr. Allen Unruh, D.C., Sioux Falls; Representative Dr. Don Van Etten, M.D., Rapid City; Representative Keri Weems, Sioux Falls; Stacey Wollman, Rapid City

For More Information:

Representative Kathy Miles, 605-338-8288
Representative Elizabeth Kraus Munro, 605-721-6815

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