A Real Plan B!

I just finished reading "Plan B 2.0." by Lester Brown. (which you can download free of charge here!) The book is amazing, not only in its simple explanation of the origins of many of our environmental problems, but in its ability to clearly - and convincingly - lay out the global implications if we fail to embrace an alternative to our fossil fuel based, disposable economy. We're running out of resources and poisoning the planet today, imagine the situation when countries like China and India achieve our rates of consumption and waste.

What set this book apart from the many books discussing the impending environmental collapse is that Brown presents a solution - a Plan B. As with his diagnosis of our problems, Brown succinctly explains an achievable alternative economic model based largely on innovative technologies and enlightened - yet shockingly pragmatic - policies.

While Brown is not a household name, he clearly has caught the eye of some of the world's more important players. Bill Clinton has praised the book, and Brown addressed the World Economic Forum in Davos last week.

If that's not enough, Brown has also proven his commitment to spreading his strategy, providing a free downloadable copy of the book via his website.

I encourage everyone to head to Brown's website and at least read the intro to the book. I've sent the link to everyone I can think of, and have encouraged them to do the same. There is real hope in these pages, and if you've spent any time really considering the condition of our world, hope is a hell of a feeling.

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