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    Good. Nora also mentioned that for the 1st time since 1952, there won't be a Dole or Bush holding an elected office in government.

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    I agree, but what I meant by that is he didn't use the time to assess Obama's ground game and develop an adequate counter strategy of his own, for example.

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    Love your diary, thanks. Another thing - what was McCain doing for those 5 months after he won the nomination while Hillary and Barack fought it out? He wasted that time and a golden opportunity IMO.

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    I think that's so cool that Japan has a town named 'Obama' :)

    Off topic: I'm watching cable news and Sarah Palin is yapping a mile a minute as usual. Can you imagine having to listen to that motorMOUTH for the next 4 years? :::shudders:::

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    The quotes you posted gave me goosebumps as I read them Todd. It will be an amazing sight indeed.

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    I live in Florida too, across the bay from you in St. Pete. Howdy neighbor :)

    I supported Hillary also but "the times are too important to not vote for obama".

    Well said, and many thanks for your Obama vote!

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    Looks good to me. I'll take it! I heard a pundit on TV yesterday say that a 300 vote electoral victory constitutes the threshold for a true mandate. We as a country need at least that to establish a repudiation of Bush era policies.

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    What an awesome diary, thank you.

    3 things in particular stood out to me:

    THAT U.K. headline - it cut me to the bone when I first saw it 4 long years ago because it captured the awful Reality of Bush's re-election to a tee.

    "Diplomacy" - the potential for Obama to reestablish good relations with the world and win back it's good will toward us is enormous. It's been my feeling that they've missed us as much as we've missed them. At least I know I have.

    "Imagining Obama in the White House frees my imagination" - Bingo. The Bush administration was more like a rogue dictatorical regime, a Castro on steroids, distorting, contorting, and subverting everything America stood for previously. I find the author's use of the word 'frees' more than interesting. It reminded me of lyrics to a Janis Joplin song: "Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose." In a very real sense, America lost it's soul under Bush. Obama's election will indicate to the world that there's genuine Hope and good reason to believe we're on the road to rediscovering and reclaiming our collective soul again.

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    I've said it before. Zogby is like a polling soap opera. I bet the wild swings in his tracking poll have more to do with him trying to figure out where Obama will land than the actual polling responses he's been getting. Just a theory.

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    There aren't many Hillary haters left. In fact, the complimentary praise of her I've witnesed here in recent weeks has been quite remarkable. I supported her too. Thanks for giving Obama your vote :)

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    Beautiful, beautiful diary. Thank you so much!

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    Very good sign, and I'm sure this will be discussed throughout the day tomorrow, providing Obama the winning narrative.

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    The election has officially started

    First voting just concluded in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, and Obama won 15 to John McCain's 6 !!!

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    Excellent diary, thank you. I hope Obama's victory is a total blowout repudiation of everything the Bush administration stood for, and failed to do. Besides what you mentioned, I yearn to feel part of the greater world at large again, and believe the world will celebrate Obama's victory with enthusiasm equal to America's, good will that I'm sure Obama won't take for granted and destroy like Bush did after 9/11.

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    For once, I can honestly say from the heart, Bless You Karl. This can only result in a depressed Republican voter turnout tomorrow, yes? :)


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