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    I'm amazed by some of the comments here, as if Bush truly is above the law because he occupied the office of president and therefore must be respected regardless of the damage he did, and damage he attempted to do.

    By your measure, simply because Hitler occupied the office of Furer, he also must be respected, and that's just crazy.

    Sorry, I don't care WHO you are - respect is earned, and clearly Bush is leaving office as nothing more than an ugly blot upon our national history - Nixon II.

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    Breaking on CNN: the White House to consider using part of the Wall Street $700 billion bailout package to help the Big 3 auto makers.

    The Dow fell 200 points within a minute of opening this morning, but seems to have stablized upon announcement of the above.

    Stay tuned..

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    I have nothing to discuss really, but need to express my frustration over the Gov. Blagojevich scandal. I'm hoping against hope he'll resign by the end of the week, but I'm not holding my breath. More and more he's appearing to be a real jerk who dosen't give a flip about the good of the Democratic party, Obama, or anyone but himself... grrr.

  • "whether to support repealing tax cuts now, or support them being automatically repealed by statute in two years"

    That's always been my impression of Obama's position on the tax issue, the question being when and how to most responsibly handle the matter. The same goes for Iraq. There's nothing wrong with or contradictory about keeping your options open when saddled a monumental mess like the one Bush is leaving behind.

    Bullshit meme indeed. Thanks Todd.

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    On the positive side, Caroline dosen't need the prestige, the work, nor any of the other trappings and responsibilities that come with the job. She's intelligent, thoughtful, responsible, and virtually uncorruptable, so I have no concerns about how good a job she'd do. She'd also be able to raise alot of campaign cash, and without question would enjoy considerable support in N.Y. in 2 years when she'd have to actively campaign to keep the position. It's also very possible that she'd be in a better position to defend the seat against Rudy or Peter King than anyone else.

  • Obama's meeting with Gore makes total sense now. I bet Gore knows who Obama is going to appoint, because Gore recommended them :)

  • I agree, and had half a mind to join Bower's site just so i could leave a comment telling him to stuff a sock in it, but I controlled myself and didn't :)

  • Oh brother.. politics and corruption. After all the mostly Republican scandals uncovered in the last couple years, why oh why is there always someone else waiting in the wings who thinks they're a bit more clever than the rest. It's maddening, and I just hope it's not misused in an effort to taint Obama in any way.

  • Agree, and I don't see how Coleman is winning the PR war, other than a biased perception in favor of Coleman on the part of those being polled. I've been following this to some degree too, and Coleman turns me off personally, big time. I don't get what they see in him, nor what Georgians see in Chambliss.

  • "...a bailout for the Big 3, as distasteful as it seems, is probably the best way to help keep this year-long Recession from going into a Depression."

    Thanks for laying it all out, and I agree. Obama has indicated his plans to make sure the auto industry understands life for them is going to change big time, or else. He even said he'd publicly call for the resignation of any CEO who fails to demonstrate the vision and discipline he expects from them in the future. Despite 61% opposing helping the Big 3, I think congress is persuing the correct course of action. Just because a majority in this country agrees on something, dosen't mean they're right. Case in point: re-electing George W. to a 2nd term.

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    In my own utterly meaningless opinion, the best way, the only way, to effectively deal with a true troll is to completely ignore them. I know this often times runs counter-intuitive to human nature, but it is a proven fact in psychological annals that acknowledging someone demonstrating inappropriate behavior in any way, even negatively, only serves to reinforce that behavior. If everyone steadfastly chose to ignore rather than react, trolls  would soon tire of their fruitless efforts and the isolaton, robbed of a reason to continue.

  • I totally agree with you, and would rec your comment regarding Nepolitano 100 times if I could.

  • As much as I'm in favor of Obama staffing his administration with the brightest and best talent possible, I agree with you and say good on Gov. Sebelius also for putting the needs of her state first. I believe Gov. Nepolitano should have done the same thing. As for Gov. Richardson, I'm not a particularly big fan of his, but believe his appointment to the cabinet is important for the Hispanic community to be represented. I'm just glad Obama didn't offer him Secty. of State.

  • Robert Gates' statement "My concern is whether there has been sufficient accountability and oversight" pretty much sums up the concerns about Bush administration policies across the board. I can't help but wonder if Bush will issue a pardon to sweep this under the rug too.

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    I agree that we only have 1 president at a time, as much as it stresses us out with Bush's policies crumbling down around our ears. Obama has a tricky and delicate balancing act to maintain until Jan. 20. It would be detrimental to his policies after he's sworn in as president to be labled presumptuous now. He's doing all he can in the meantime, sending strong signals of what to expect in terms of assembling a crack administrative team, which in and of itself is doing alot to hold things together until he takes over.


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