AdWatch: CO-04 Angie Paccione's first TV spot

CO-04 Democratic challenger Angie Paccione has posted her first TV spot on her website, and it's pretty darned good.

The highlights:

  • Links incumbent GOP hate-lady Marilyn Musgrave to Bush (using our own version of "the Kiss").
  • Hits hard on special interest control on important issues (energy, healthcare).
  • But... Angie stays away from calling herself a Democrat.

Not a bad first effort in a difficult district.

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CO-5: Hefley (R) Retires

From the Rocky Mountain News and other sources, Rep. Joel Hefley - recently deposed from his Ethics Committee chairmanship, will retire in 2006 after a 20-year stay in office.

The retirement opens up CO-5, the most reliably Republican district in Colorado.  The district is home to Focus on the Family, New Life Church, and no fewer than 4 military bases (including the Air Force Academy).  Jay Fawcett is the declared Democrat in the race - one of the Fighting Dems and a former Air Force Academy instructor.

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