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    We did move to Drupal and decided to start allowing blogs. We are not affiliated with any organization except several of our editors and contributors are active members of the PA Dem party. Right now we're looking for more contributors from the western end of the state. If you know of anyone who might be interested please pass them along via the contact form on KP.

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    This is not going to be a popular opinion here, but based on my own personal feelings and discusssions with coworkers and others, most Americans truly are torn about what to do with Iraq. Yes, we want to get ourselves out, yet the people I talk to all recognize we made the mess over there and we have an obligation to try and not just pull out leaving a completely chaotic situation. It is a very difficult issue. That's why the "cut and run" meme works so well; it taps into American's deep sense of moral obligation and exposes the dual desire to both leave and help.

    Personally, I think Peter Galbraith has the best, most workable solution right now. Leave the country formally in tact, but make it a loose confederation as Iraq's constitution makes possible, separate the Sunni and Shia, let them control their own security within their own areas
    and work toward an eventual reconcilliation after
    the violence subsides. It's not ideal, but at least it recognizes that the warring parties need to be separated before a political solution is possible.

  • The early hot speculation was that Fattah and Street would switch with Fattah becoming mayor and Street running in the 2nd.

    I'm not convinced Fattah is going to win the Dem primary either.

  • He's a true progressive and is from Westmoreland county. I know Scaife's Tribune-Review did a real hit job on him right during his last reelection campaign that cost him the election, but afterward Rendell appointed him to an economic developement
    agency for most of the area of his old seat.

    Onorato isn't going to give up being Allegheny Co exec to run for congress. He's going to run for gov
    in 2010.

  • The 6th is, from past election results, a lot harder to win than it seems because too much credence is given to the Cook PVI. Registration-wise the 6th is solidly Republican, but also contains a good many ticket-splitters. A majority will vote for a Dem at the top of the ticket, but for Rs down ballot.

    The 18th is probably the best pick-up chance. This is a Dem registration edge district. Tim Murphy is not well-liked in this district. You know things are bad when a vetern staffer turned him in on using his congressional staff for campaign work. Dems have had trouble finding a challenger to date. They courted Hafer and local sportscaster Stan Savarn before each declined, then Chad Kluko became the nominee. My personal choice to challenge Murphy would be former state senator Alan Kukovich.

    The 3rd has an entrenched incumbent, English, and might not be winnable until it's an open seat.

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    500B - that is what the Defense budget is and NONE of that pays for the war in Iraq. There is plenty of money for the "troops". Dems need to make that clear to Americans and need to make DoD decide if it wants to spend its OWN money on a failed war.

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    Thanks for the link to us over at Keystonepolitics.
    We are all Democrats and most of us are very active in the state party. We do try and play it straight, though, and to keep the disagreements civil.
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    I've believed for a long time now that the large majority of Americans are liberal libertarians. That is being shown, I think, by the success Dems are starting to have in the mountain west states.

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    Man, are these people whiney and sore losers. I noticed Alcee Hastings already got Drier's goat with a comment about how the Rs are having a hard adjustment to not going last. Drier shot back a comment that the Dems shouldn't get too comfortable.

    Then with Barney Frank presiding over the House, Drier tried to ignore the Speaker and just talk to Hastings. Frank cut him off with a remark that the "Speaker is feeling ignored, address the Speaker".

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    What a classless and insincere speech by John Boehner. His reference to the "Democrat party" was
    duly noted.

    When the cameras panned around the House chamber, the Republican side looked a lot like what one might expect a gathering at the Union League to look like and the Dem side looked a lot like people you run into every day walking down the street.

  • You need to get a grip on yourself. Just because
    some candidates in the LV didn't win, it isn't because the HDCC or PA Dem Party or some other entity didn't fund them better. The last time I looked the LV had a Democratic party, they have plenty of activists and bloggers up there, too.
    That is where your work lies, helping to motivate
    and educate the LV Democrats and those voters who
    are potential Democrats, not posting on every political website you can find the same tripe you post here. Dems picked up NINE seats in the state house, that is far more than I thought possible regardless of money.

    Now quite possibly more state and national money would have helped Dertinger win in the 15th as that race turned out to be a lot closer than anyone predicted rather than having been spent in the 6th where Lois Murphy hasn't been able to get over the hump, but no one knew that in advance.

  • O'Brien's district, the 169th, is now 50% Dem, so it probably wouldn't hurt him to switch. He's well known and well-liked and I doubt many voters even care about party label when voting for him. Plus now he's Speaker. Probably the easiest path would be for him to run in both the D and R primary where he would likely win both nominations.

  • Scarnati, a Jubelier man, is the new Senate Pro Temp. Pileggi, from Chester County, is the new Senate Majority Leader.

    The conservative Republicans don't like Scarnati at all since he's associated with Jubilier and seems to be just as pragmatic as Jubs. Pileggi is from the SE and most likely will be amenable to working with Rendell since Rendell clobbered everyone in the SE.
    Jane Orie is from Pgh and is probably the most conservative of the new Senate leaders, but even she
    can work across the aisle. The Senate jettisoned the only leader left standing after the primaries, Jeff Piccola.

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    Evans was just interviewed by Bill Bova of PCN. Bova
    asked why the Dems nominated a Republican instead of another Dem, Evans said flat out because they couldn't get the votes for another. Assuming that Caltagirone would have voted for any Dem not named DeWeese, that leaves Youngblood and Cruz as the culprits. Evans also said was asked if O'Brien intended to switch and said he couldn't comment on it. It was unclear what that meant.
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    We have a lot yet to learn about what happened and what deals were made. The fact that Dems will control all the committees is a big win. Even with the Speaker controlling what bills get voted on, there'll only be Democratic bills to vote on.

    O'Brien is not going to buck Rendell and I'll go even further to say that his Speakership will give
    Rendell more power over the agenda than ever.


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