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    "A point that has come up repeatedly with Hillary Clinton's strong wins in blue-collar states is can Obama get downscale whites to vote for him in the general election? The NY Times has a story about polling on this issue in these states. The bottom line is that while many blue-collar workers prefer Clinton, they still prefer any Democrat to John McCain so the Democrats are not in grave danger of losing states like Pennsylvania that they must win in November. What Obama brings to the table is sudden competitiveness in states like Virginia, Iowa, Missouri, and Colorado, which Republicans normally win easily."

    This seems to be a rational and unbiased analysis of the state polls at this point...But we have a long way til november.

  • Its Rush Limbaugh who told them to switch for a day, not Obama.  Thats pretty low to suggest.  

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    sorry Jerome, but i tend to agree.  i read both you and kos for complementary progressive blogging, but i do see a lot of anger in your posts regarding Obama.  I will say it again to make sure you know, i didnt vote for Obama, nor have i given him a dime.  

    my main point is that i feel that the sentiment here on MyDD has changed since i first started reading.

    I just want to see party unity.

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    yea, i too would like to know what you mean by "stoop down to the level of your likes"... ? not everyone reads every single comment on every post here.  i had no idea if you were paid by a campaign or not, but i assumed you were NOT.  

  • UGH...not this patriotism BS again... You seriously think that a man who has spent his life in public service and is running for president is not patriotic.  Give me a f-ing break.  What more do you want him to do to show his patriotism?  Wear a lapel pin?  

    I would go so far as to say that all of the candidates for president right now are patriots in their own ways, even if we disagree with their policies.  Even McCain.  and i wouldn't vote for him if you paid me.  That doesn't mean he isn't a patriot.

  • You say atheist like its a bad thing... Atheists are not evil you know.  They are as moral and ethical as any other human being. I would be happy to vote for any qualified atheist candidate.

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    FIRST OFF,  I did not vote for Obama and have never given him any money.  BUT I am really unclear on how you interpreted his speech to mean that he is a black separatist?  He was talking about unity and moving past the racial divide...  

    Unrelated, I have to say that reading the comments here on MyDD and at DKos makes me feel really disheartened. Why are we fighting each other (democrats) and not McCain?  

    Does everyone here really think that Obama is a worse choice for president than him?  Seriously?  And the same can be said at DKos...is McCain a better choice than Hillary?  I would happily support either of them for president!  What we need is party unity.  Do we really want another 8 years of republican rule?  None of this will matter if that happens...

  • yea i watched that too...  It was totally bogus how she was digging to find someway to list the deomcrats in the scandal category.  the problem is that it is just not as widespread.  This is just one more example of the media trying to be "fair and balanced".  Even though scandal is widespread in the Republican party (deserving most of the attention), it is portrayed as equivalent to some small local scandal with the Democrats.  I am all for fairness, but this is not it!

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    I am not a business person, so i am not commenting on that part of your post.  Instead i have something to say about this line:

    "Research can largely and effectively be done through major educational institutions and other structures."

    The only thing that i dont think you understand is  where educational institutions, and many government research groups get their money from.  The answer to that is the NIH and NSF.  I work at a National Labs now and worked for several years at my university, and both places write proposals for grants from the government.  So when the NIH and NSF dont have money for this research, and they dont ask for propsals, significantly less research gets done.

    Thanks though for making a reasonable argument.

  • Let me tell you, as an employee at the national labs with a security clearance, letting out classified information will not only cause you to PERMANENTLY lose your clearence, but will also likely lead to your termination.  the loss of secure information is taken VERY seriously and we are trained and encouraged to avoid it at all costs.  that is why i think Rove should lose his clearance.
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    I see what you are saying, but i think that what southerndemnut was trying to get at was a philosophical difference.  The Republican philosophy of selfishness is what leads them to be corrupt and incompetant.  Their connections are the outcome of a life of greed and egoism. Fitness (as far as i have seen in nature) is not neccesarily about who is the best qualified (as per your job example) but sometimes about who is the most aggressive or ruthless.  They see what they want, and they will lie/cheat/steal to get it.    And all because they dont care about anyone but themselves.  

    I have to admit that i struggle with this idea.  When i really sit down and think about why i feel so strongly about the republican party and what it stands for, i try to justify their purpose.  I try to put myself in the shoes of some rich white guy and imagine what he is thinking.  How could he not care about the poor?  How could he not want a clean environment for himself and his children?  How could he not want everyone to be happy and healthy?...And the answer i always come to is that they dont care...They just dont give a shit about anything but themselves in the here and now, and fuck everyone else.

    That is the difference between me, a Democrat, and so many republicans...

  • I agree totally.  The editorial is correct in the idea that we cannot PROVE what happened millions of years ago.  But to dismiss a scientific theory because it deals with history is more than naive. There are many fields with less controversy (i am thinking of earth and planetary sciences) that are based almost entirely on what happened in the past. By this guy's logic, any science that happened before his lifetime cannot be 'fact.'  

    I work in a biology lab, and we practice evolution of proteins by what you could call 'un-natural' selection.  We change them how we want them.

    Anyone who denies the theory of evolution should be ready to dismiss all science.  Adaptation by natural selection is evident in countless places in the world today.  I think of the classic fruitfly experiments that happen worldwide.  

    When he said:
    "It is time to set aside enforced orthodoxy in science teaching, and to be willing to adjust our "theories" where the facts require."  
    I wanted to scream..!  What do  you think that we scientists do all day?  Make up facts to fit our theories?  Please... we are not George Bush and Co...

    Also: "If we're going to teach science, we can't teach that life came from non-living matter by time and chance."
    Ok...EVOLUTION DOES NOT PURPORT TO EXPLAIN THE ORIGIN OF LIFE!!!!!  Yes other scientists do investigate biogenesis, but the theory of evolution does not.

    I just cant believe that articles like this get printed... free speech at its best... urghhh...

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    what did the MSM misquote Richardson on?  i mean what did he really say...

    just curious, as i live in NM... thanks

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    Do you think there is concensus on this issue in the republican party?  (Really asking, not being a smartass).
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    HOLY SHIT!  SHUT THE FUCK UP MAN!  WE GOT IT... You think we lost!   You have said it like 87 times in this thread and i am getting tired of trying to skim past it.

    Dont you have anything better to do?


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