Sunday Albuquerque Immigration Rally

This post appeared on our fledgling New Mexico politics blog NMFBIHOP. It describes the rally on immigration rights that took place at the National Hispanic Cultural Center:

The courtyard of the National Hispanic Cultural Center was awash in white, as spanish drifted out from the crowd at Albuquerque's Day of Action Event.

The crowd was estimated by the Albuquerque Journal to be about 2,000 people, though this blogger estimated it more at around 1,500, while the Albuquerque Tribune quotes organizers estimated the gathering at more than 1,000.

Anyway you look at it, there was a good turnout, especially for the quick planning and execution of the whole event.

Highlights of the event included speeches by former City councilor Eric Griego and (i think?) Bernalillo County Commissioner Teresa Cordova, each highlighted the importance of the cause.
   Griego said that the immigration issue is the "modern civil rights issue of our generation", while also asking for three things related to immigration:

  • Not criminalize hard workers trying to earn money for their families.
  • Undocumented workers may become part of the labor pool.
  • The city does not turn the police into deputized INS officers, or "la migra".
Cordova related the whole immigration mess to an actual cause: NAFTA and its effect on the Mexican economy which impacts America directly. Cordova also said if America supports policies like NAFTA, we must support immigrants who are a result of those same policies.

Another powerful speaker was Ricardo Chavez from Risen Savior Catholic Church.   Chavez said the story of Jesus is the story of immigrants, and we must do the right thing. "Immigrants are not criminals," Chavez said. "One step. Show them who we are and ask for just immigration reform."

Hopefully the united front can be continued, and the crowds will only get bigger for each future rally.

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