A Fantasy of Authenticity, or Why Judge Judy Is Smarter Than the DNC Is

That the Democrats are somewhat lacking in the Reagan-esque power of passionate and convincing speech-making is certainly not breaking news. However, it seems more and more these days that the Democrats are becoming even less articulate...for a perfect example, look no further than Joe Biden's embarrassingly nebulous pontifications during the Alito hearings. Undoubtedly, the power of potent speech-making has helped earn support throughout history for statesmen who were lacking otherwise in other areas, such as Mr. Reagan, whose often unrealistically grandiose political ideas were more Hollywood than Washington. Democrats, however, can take some heart in having politicos of the ilk of Russ Feingold and Bill Clinton around...unfortunately, though, these straight-shooters often seem to be lost amidst a jungle of John Kerry-s...

There is, however, somebody that we all know and (most) admire that we tend to overlook as a model for the kind of oratorical authenticity and refreshing frankness to whom we could and should turn for a lesson in good, old fashioned honesty and common sense...none other than the Hon. Judith Sheindlin.

In all honesty, who could prove a better model than Judge Judy? Yes, she is prickly. Yes, she is rigid. However, she is a notoriously strong woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. Her folksy wisdom--encapsulated in the very titles of her books, such as "Keep It Simple, Stupid"--would truly prove valuable to a Democratic hoard that cannot seem to broadcast a simple message at any time, in any capacity. We are simply too focused on trying to please too many people unsuccessfully, when we would most likely be able to sharpen our focus and get some credibility and image of strength back.

Of course Judge Judy, unlike her former People's Court counterpart Ed Koch (who, ironically, appointed Judge Judy to the bench back during his mayoral tenure) has not held an elected political office...and, chances are, she never will. However, this should not preclude our looking to her as a model of Democratic...and progressive...strength while keeping and capitalizing upon the "straight talk" that wins John McCain and George Bush so much support throughout the country. It's time for the Democrats to stop allowing Republicans to pee on Americans' legs and tell them it's raining. They must learn how to speak and, as New York Times columnist Matt Bai hypothesizes, the Democrats will be able to master the essential political art of "framing"...truly the only area in which I can confidently and unabashedly assert the Democrats as inferior to the Republicans.

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Re: A Fantasy of Authenticity, or Why Judge Judy I

George W. Bush and John McCain -- Twin poster boys for the JUST SAY NO TO THE COOL-AID movement.

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Re: A Fantasy of Authenticity, or Why Judge Judy I

Draft Judge Judy to renovate and make-over our raped and strangled Constitution. I will help roll out the red carpet in Philadelphia personally.

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Re: A Fantasy of Authenticity, or Why Judge Judy I

Hey pennquaker08 -

Please add "Draft Judge Judy Sheindlin" to the tags!

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