Hackett given boo's in Ohio?

See blog here, and blog here. And from a source there, check it out:

Hackett did not go over too well with the crowd.  The news cameras showed up in time to record Hackett getting booed and jeered at by the audience.

The speaking part of his thing didnt go over well at all for Hackett.  He started out revising his story about Sherrod telling him in person that he wasnt running, again. Then, he spent a few minutes bashing the religious right.  Barely mentioned DeWine.  About 3 minutes into it, he started criticizing Sherrod. He got booed almost immediately, and when he asked a rhetorical question about what Sherrod brings to the Senate that Hackett doesnt, a number of audience folks offered suggestions like experience, competence, etc. He also got booed for criticizing Sherrods service in the House, when he talked about how Sherrod hasnt done anything.

During the lecture session, an older gentleman stood up and talked about how Sherrod came in and gave a very positive speech about what hell do as a Senator, while Hackett came in and attacked other Democrats. Hackett responded that if he loses, he'll support Sherrod, but Paul Hackett doesnt like to lose and hes got three months in the campaign--Direct quote (does he know he's gonna lost?).

Hackett was also asked about what he thinks should be done with regards to nuclear waste in Pike county. Hackett's response was I'm a candidate for the US Senate, not a nuclear scientist, but I think there's probably some new technology.

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Re: Hackett given boo's in Ohio?

The problem with Hackett is he is really starting to show his inexperience. I think Brown would make the better candidate.

Maybe Hackett should run for the House again.

by JackBourassa 2006-02-04 06:36PM | 0 recs
Re: Hackett given boo's in Ohio?

I agree Jack.

This is like the Wes Clark predicament in '04. Inexperience.

As Ive said before, this is going to be a tough general race. Tougher than many in the netroots community would like you to believe.

DeWine's money advantage combined with the much stronger Ohio GOP machine will be tough for either Democrat.

Brown brings lots of experience. But Hackett definitely is the candidate who can attract more independent voters to our side. His Anti-War message is strong.

But I don't know if he has the experience, the funding, and the organization to defeat Brown in a Democratic Primary

by fightingLadyinblue 2006-02-04 09:25PM | 0 recs
The sky is falling!

Your first link is ambiguous. Your second link is garbage. You did not provide a link or a source for your blockquote. This looks to me like Sherrod's staff is running a game on us.

by Gary Boatwright 2006-02-04 10:34PM | 0 recs
Re: The sky is falling!

I was at the event, and can confirm the account in the block text.  

Hackett really did not impress me.  He seemed smug, arrogant, and preppy.  His stump speech wasn't inspiring at all, and when he went after Brown, he got booed pretty heavily.  He also got yelled at to attack Republicans, not other Democrats several times.  

After the speech (I was the only Sherrod Brown volunteer still there) a number of folks came up and told me that Hackett was gonna get crushed in the primary, that "Hackett  sucked," etc.  

by ratdg1 2006-02-05 09:21AM | 0 recs
Vito Marcantonio

Heh. I wonder [breathless] if he's yet been "found to have voted with Vito Marcantonio." If his opponents are this ham handed...

by Michael Bersin 2006-02-05 01:58AM | 0 recs


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