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    I'm in the latter part of my 50's, so I don't fit the "profile".  I live by myself, and have an elderly mother whose health is fragile.  The cell phone is not an alternative, it's a necessity.  After paying for a land line and a cell phone for 2 years, I concluded it was nonsensical to continue to pay for both, and cut off the land line.  More and more people of my generation are concluding the same thing, even if they have to have more than one cell phone in the family.  The day will come that no one has a land line.  I would venture to guess that day isn't that far in the future.

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    I was always pretty neutral on Nancy Pelosi.  Earlier this year the San Francisco newspaper ran a three part series profiling her.  After reading the articles, I was a fan.  I don't think you can read the articles without at least coming away with the feeling that she is pretty savvy.  The 1st article is at the following link.  Links to the other two articles are in the article.  Be forewarned the articles are fairly long.

    http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f= /c/a/2006/04/02/MNGSHI24ON1.DTL

  • Chuck Hagel votes the republican line 95% of the time. He blathers a good line on Sunday morning. His votes on the Senate floor are not consistent with his Sunday morning chatter.

    There was a long article in the Lincoln Journal Star last week. Regarding his presidential aspirations, he claims to not have decided and he hasn't spent any time in Iowa recently. He also said that he will wait until after the elections to decide. If the Iraq mess causes a train wreck in November, and it becomes apparent his stance on Iraq is the winner, then he might throw his hat in the ring. The relevant quote:

    Sometime after this November's national elections, Hagel will decide whether to seek the presidency in 2008.

    Or be a candidate for a third term in the Senate.

    Or steer a new course in either the private or public sector.

    The reality is this: If his party does poorly in congressional elections this autumn, that's a call for change and an opening for him in the Republican presidential derby.

    The whole article is here: http://www.journalstar.com/articles/2006 /08/18/top_story/extras/doc44e4f19c0f14e 746864536.txt

    My conclusion? He's betting that this particular stance will be the winning stance when Nov 8 rolls around.

    Until his votes on the floor of the Senate match his Sunday morning rhetoric, I will continue to think it is nothing more than posturing rhetoric.

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    I live in Nebraska.  I am less than enthused about the "defection" of Ms. Witek.  I have no idea what her ulterior motives are, but time will most likely reveal what she hopes to accomplish with this manuever.  A couple of weeks ago she had a LTE in the Omaha paper in which she criticized Hagel for his stance on Iraq and praised the bush and condi.  See the following post on one of the local blogs for a little history and dissection of her comments.
    http://newnebraska.blogspot.com/2006/08/ envy-in-nebraska-republican-politics.htm l

    As for Hagel.  He's long on talk and short on votes to back up his "courageous" Sunday morning blatherings.  When he votes to bring the troups home, then I will believe him.  

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    Was at Walgreens the other day waiting to turn in a prescription.  The gal that would process my request was on the phone and her end of the conversation was interesting.  She was trying to placate a customer who had just paid more for a prescription at that pharmacy.  From what she was saying it seemed as though the customer had regularly filled that prescription at a different Walgreens here in town.  She told him/her that prices vary even within town depending on demand at that particular pharmacy.

    Unfortunately I was already running late, and when I got my turn I handed in my request and hauled.

    Has anyone heard anything similar?  I can understand different prices at different pharmacies, but not different pharmacies of the same company.  Sounds like one more way to rip people off, but when you only hear one end of the conversation, you usually don't get all of the story.

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    For cripes sake guys.  She's running against 17 other candidates.  In my opinion getting 40+% of the vote is no small task.  Yeah I would have loved to have seen her get the 50+%.  Wouldn't every dem in the country.  She's running in a heavily R district.  Help her with the June election and hopefully we will send a seismic wave through the country.

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    The San Francisco Chronicle ran a three part series on Nancy Pelosi this past week.  It's an interesting read.  I have been a bit dubious about Pelosi.  She seems to come off as a screechy witch.  Having read all three articles, I have a new respect for her.

    The link to the 1st article is here:
    http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f= /c/a/2006/04/02/MNGSHI24ON1.DTL

    Links to the remaining articles can be found in the article.


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