Targeting Papers That Endorsed Bush in 2000

What began in the Kos diaries as Operation "Shame on You" has matured into a standalone website project with a less accusatory title--Operation "Fool Me Once."

It's at

The idea is simple: remind papers of what they said in 2000 when they endorsed Bush, and ask them, in the words of Al Gore at the 2004 convention, "I sincerely ask those watching at home who supported President Bush four years ago: did you really get what you expected from the candidate you voted for?"

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Swift Boat Lies Re-Fight The French Revolution

[Excerpt from my latest blog entry.]

With the attacks on John Kerry's service record by the so-called "Swift Boat Veterans For Truth" (SBVT), some people have lamented the fact that we're debating a war that ended nearly 30 years ago, instead of talking about today's issues, instead of talking about the future. Well, I've got good news and I've got bad news. The good news is, this isn't really about the Vietnam War. The bad news is, it's about the French Revolution.

The French Revolution?

Yup! And I'm not talking about their refusal to support Bush's invasion of Iraq. I'm talking about the real, original French Revolution.

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Greens Appear Bitterly Divided

There were strong indications of a deep rift in the Green Party on KPFK (Pacifica's Los Angeles station) yesterday, coming both from Peter Camejo (Nader's VP choice and former Green Party candidate for Governor of California) and Donna Warren (a member of Pacifica's national board).  

From both of their comments, it seems clear that they--and possibly many other Greens--intend to continue working for Nader, rather than supporting the Green Party candidate.  (Needless to say, such extreme party disloyalty almost makes Zell Miller seem like an honorable man.)

As far as they are concerned, Nader's support in the polls should have taken precedence over Cobb's support from the Greens activist base--an attitude that is DIRECTLY opposite of the grassroots activist rhetoric that they--along with all other Greens--employ.

This is cause for considerable concern, both short- and long-term. There appears to be ZERO awareness of Republican backing for Nader among these Nader-backing Green disloyalists.  Instead of developing a more sophisticated analysis over time, there appears to be a wilfull regression.  From the language and arguments I head last night, I would not be surprised to see attempts to get Nader on the ballot as a Green in various battleground states--with money for the legal challenges coming from GOP backers, of course.

I should note that I was a grassroots Green activist for a short period 1989-91 or so. I left around the time they decided to form a party here in California.  Three things were most prominent in my decision-making: (1) The yapping amongst white folks rather than getting out and organizing in multi-racial working-class communities. (I was involved in a community renters' rights group during this time, and never got a single Green to join us for a single action.) (2) The refusal to take seriously the spoiler-factor nature of our winner-take-all system, and the need to develop a strategy that would not alienate Democratic Party progressives. (3) The repetitiously inward-looking factional fights.

Fifteen years later, and nothing much has changed.  Only the magnitude of the problem has grown larger.  The kind of denial involved is truly staggering.

Still, there are a lot of well-intentioned people involved in the Green Party, primarily the sort who highly value direct action and issue-oriented organizing. It behooves progressive Democrats to figure out a strategy for reaching out to the non-self-deluded, non-narcissistic elements of Green Party activists.  

As the new post on Canadian politics indicates, there can and should be ways of restructuring the political playing field that will build progressive forces, based on broadly-shared values, rather then setting us against one another, based on the same genre of deceptions that fragment the larger American body politic.



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